Friday, November 17, 2006

So, do you think this will work?

Using magick to affect politics is an interesting idea that in my experience has a lot of potential. Apparently, the same sentiment can be found in Indonesia.

Man seeks to jinx Bush visit with magic

An Indonesian magician has cast a spell that he claims will disrupt George Bush's visit to the country on Monday. From the standpoint of magical research, it's always nice when the time interval for a spell is so short - only a few days in this case. That way we'll know soon enough whether or not the spell worked.

I'll be on the lookout for any unusual events related to Bush's trip.

11/20 UPDATE #1: Bush's trip to Asia is not going well, but I have yet to see anything that looks unlikely enough to attribute to a spell. Bush arrives in Indonesia today.

11/20 UPDATE #2: There were protests and unrest in Indonesia, but again I don't see much evidence of anything particularly unusual - Bush is pretty unpopular over there. I guess that means the jury is still out on drinking sheep's blood to influence politics. Whether or not the spell might have made the protests worse than they could have been is an open question - the trip was cut short yesterday for security reasons, but there could be many reasons for that.

Bush's stopover lasted only six hours, and he has now left Indonesia.

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