Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Magical Spam?

So let me get this straight - magick is the latest new twist on the old Nigeria 419 spam? You know, the one where you get this e-mail offering you a percentage of millions of dollars in exchange for helping someone get the money out of the country illegally. Apparently the latest spam concept to come out of Africa is an e-mail threatening to curse the recipient unless they pay up.

Now you listen very carefully for your own good I am an African from Kenya take me by name (as mr edwin orobosa) and you don’t know me I am the sole spiritual leader of the Harica Witchcraft and Wizard society of Kenya and the grand master of the Zone B & D. Kenya Occult and Mystic order since 1987- up till date – 2006 also presently the ritual leader of the West and East African – Voodo confraternity presently I am out of Kenya on an assignment of initiation of new members in Nigeria and also to part take some Voodo rituals which will last for 3weeks, the ritual date is the subject of this letter to you, now you are to take my orders and simple instruction or else you will have yourself to blame. As the ritual leader of the Africa Voodo I have been asked by the head man to get 6 fresh eyes and 4 bleeding hearts for a ritual purpose and presently I have 13- pictures numbered 1 – 13 and I am suppose to use 10. So you are the 5th person on the list numbered 1 -13- so in other for me to ignore you, you are going to pay $500 U.S. dollars failure to pay this money I am going to chose you.

Oh no! Don't chose me! I wonder if this really works on Americans. My guess is it will be a lot less successful than the old 419 just because most people are willing to accept corrupt regimes moving millions of dollars in illicit cash around, but a lot fewer take magick seriously. To be fair, in this case that's probably as it should be.

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