Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Thelema on Kuro5hin

Kuro5hin is the original Scoop site, where the software that ran the original Augoeides was developed. I actually saw this article posted there almost a year ago, so it's a little out of date, but it still is cool.

Thelema: A Modern Religion for Modern Times

The article is not perfect, and quite a few of the comments show that most people are not that familiar with Aleister Crowley and pretty much buy the stuff John Symonds wrote in The Great Beast, but it's still cool to see people talking about Crowley and his work on a site that is for the most part non-occult.

By the way, a full analysis of everything wrong with The Great Beast would be a long article unto itself that I might attempt someday when I have more time. Many of the incidents described in the book are taken from dubious accounts in John Bull, a series of British periodicals that were essentially early tabloids.

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