Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Workshop for Psychic Vampires

Back when I spent more time with folks from the general Pagan community I heard a lot of talk about "psychic vampires." Usually the person to whom the term was being applied was not a skilled energy worker but was instead simply unbelievably boring, self-absorbed, and needy for attention. However, it is possible for an energy worker to draw on the chi of another individual, and an enterprising "magickal society" that follows Michelle Belanger's Psychic Vampire Codex have put together a workshop to teach people how to do it.

Sympathetic Vampire: Feeding On A Summer Evening

Actually, there's nothing special about being an "energy vampire" if you know something about working with chi. Here's how to try it out at a party sometime if you're bored.

  1. Find someone whose energy you want to drain.

  2. Get your own chi flowing using the microcosmic orbit. If you don't know how to do this, read up on it and practice before you try to drain anyone because if you can't work with your own chi you won't be able to drain anyone else's.

  3. Once your own orbit is established, visualize a stream of energy about the size and shape of a rope connecting you to your target.

  4. Visualize yourself pulling on the rope. As it moves toward you, visualize the target's energy coming along with it and being absorbed into your own energy field.
    Often the target will quickly become sleepy or less energetic, and you should feel more energized and enlivened.
You can also use the same trick on an area, but the visualization is more complex. Essentially, you visualize ropes stretching out in all directions and pulling on them simultaneously. Basically, this what the Psychic Vampire Codex teaches, but my version has a lot fewer words and is less flowery (for example, the book uses "tendril" instead of "rope").

There are some ethical issues with using this technique because it can negatively affect the target's overall health, and it also is not usually a good idea to try it on another magical practitioner without their consent. Many energy workers have defenses against this technique and as a result it can backfire and wind up draining you instead. With consent, of course, exchanging energy can be a lot of fun.

In reality, most serious magicians don't usually go around vampirizing people. Energy draining does make for a good sleep spell if you find yourself with a need for one, but chi is so plentiful in the universe that bothering to drain it from others is not terribly useful. If you don't believe me, here's another thing to try that will increase your energy level without "draining" from anyone.

  1. Get your microcosmic orbit going, like before.

  2. Place your attention at the top of your head and visualize the crown chakra opening.

  3. Do the same with the root chakra, located at the perineum.

  4. As you breathe in, visualize bright, airy, and volatile Heaven energy pouring into your body from the top of your head and running all the way down to the root chakra.

  5. As you breathe out, imagine dark, heavy Earth energy rising from the root chakra to the crown.

  6. Once you have this integrated with the orbit, visualize your own energy field becoming stronger and stronger as you continue breathing.
What you will find is that you can draw an almost unlimited amount of energy in this way just from the natural chi flow of the universe itself, far more than you would ever be able to drain from a person or even a large event. But don't just take my word for it - try it out and see for yourself.

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