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Casting a Money Spell

The "Holy Trinity" of magical spells newbie magicians ask about online is now complete with the posting of a money spell. Perhaps it is a telling point of human nature that the problems people most want to use magick to solve are issues of money, love, and vengeance - these are all things that are severely circumscribed by our culture an that seem difficult to obtain by normal means.

Money spells are another popular use of magick, dating back as far as we can document. In Medieval times prosperity was based on the ownership of land and agricultural production, but the transition to a more mercantile society during the Renaissance brought with it new applications for this age-old art. The Renaissance saw the rise of alchemy and the pursuit of methods for transforming base metals into gold, and while this is a pursuit that the mystically inclined normally view in a philosophical light there were also a lot of early scientists trying to figure out how to accomplish physical transformations. In the modern age money is essentially information. Paper money issued by governments is backed by the entire economy of the issuing nation, a vast conglomeration of trade and related commercial arrangements, and bank account balances are simply numbers on a page - but numbers of vital importance to our survival.

A money spell cast today will work along these lines. I have yet to see a magician conjure money out of the sky, but I have seen something close. Years ago a local magical group did a big spell to make the group more prosperous. Shortly thereafter $1000.00 mysteriously appeared in the group's bank account, the result of a bank error that coded a $100.00 deposit with an additional zero. The bank did eventually find the error and notified the group that they were going to fix it - and never did. Years later when they transfered the money to another bank the $1000.00 was still there. Still, this is the only case of such a thing that I have ever come across. Normally money spells work in more mundane ways - a bigger bonus or raise at work, a successful business deal that is more profitable than expected, or even a higher than chance rate of success playing the lottery.

Liber 777 places "the power of acquiring wealth" under the domain of the Sun, and the power of "political and other ascendancy" under the domain of Jupiter. Both of these planetary energies can be useful for money spells. The difference is subtle - Jupiter is better when you are looking to make more money in a work situation, get a promotion, or find a better job. The Tarot card associated with Jupiter is Fortune, and as you might expect Jupiter can also be used to increase luck in financial affairs and gain short-term windfalls. The Sun is more suited to wealth, which is not the same thing as money. Wealth consists of resources that provide a longer-term source of funds, like an ongoing successful business or good investments.

Since I am a professional who makes most of my money working for an employer rather than my own business I am more familiar with the Jupiter form of the spell and that is what will be described here. The changes to the ritual form used in the previous spells are as follows:

0. Basic Rituals

You will be using the Greater Invoking Ritual of the Hexagram for Jupiter. The ritual should be performed on a the day of Jupiter (Thursday) during the hour of Jupiter if possible.

00. Preparing the Temple

As with a love spell, you do not need a containment structure so the circle alone will suffice. It should be blue, and you can also trace a square within it in purple. If you are casting the spell with some idea of what your source of funds will be, carry on your person a magical link that represents that source. For example, if the goal is a higher-paying job carry a copy of your resume and make sure that it matches any resumes you will sending to prospective employers. If you really have no idea, then just center the spell on yourself and don't use a link.

I. Opening and II. The Preliminary Invocation

These are the same as in the other two rituals.

III. The Conjuration

Perform the Greater Invoking Ritual of the Hexagram for Jupiter. As you conclude with "Let the divine light descend!", visualize a column of purple light descending into the circle and enveloping you. You then begin to conjure the Spirit of Jupiter. Vibrate the capitalized words. Four is the number of Jupiter, so the names are vibrated four times.

EL, EL, EL, EL (like it looks). Come unto me, God in CHESED (kheh-SED), the sphere of TZEDEQ (tzeh-DEK). Send unto me TZADKIEL (tzahd-kee-EL), that great Archangel of thine, that he may answer my behest.

Pause until the presence of El is perceived. If you don’t feel anything or see anything, wait three minutes or so before continuing.

TZADKIEL, TZADKIEL, TZADKIEL, TZADKIEL (tzahd-kee-EL). Come unto me, great and mighty Archangel of CHESED (kheh-SED), the sphere of TZEDEQ (tzeh-DEK), by the name of the great god EL. Send unto me JOPHIEL (joh-fee-EL), that great intelligence of thine, that he may answer my behest.

Pause until the presence of Tzadkiel is perceived. If you don’t feel anything or see anything, wait three minutes or so before continuing.

JOPHIEL, JOPHIEL, JOPHIEL, JOPHIEL (joh-fee-EL). Come unto me, thou bright intelligence of TZEDEQ (tzeh-DEK), and answer my behest. In the name of TZADKIEL (tzahd-kee-EL) thy lord, compel the spirit HISMAEL (his-may-EL) who is under thy dominion to manifest within this Circle of Art.

Pause until the presence of Jophiel is perceived. If you don’t feel anything or see anything, wait three minutes or so before continuing.

HISMAEL, HISMAEL, HISMAEL, HISMAEL (his-may-EL). Come unto me, mighty spirit of TZEDEQ (tzeh-DEK), and make manifest my behest. In the name of JOPHIEL (joh-fee-EL) thy lord, come forth within this Circle of Art that thou mayst wield the powers of the path of KAPH (KAHF), the path of the planet Jupiter.

Pause until the presence of Hismael is perceived. If you don’t feel anything or see anything, wait three minutes or so before continuing.

At this point you deliver the charge to the spirit. Address it to Hismael. This is what you want the spirit to do. You need to write this part yourself, because it’s very personal. You should state what you want simply so that the spirit can’t twist your words around. With a money spell it is good to keep in mind that a lot of people have family members with assets and things like life insurance so that a tragedy like a death in the family could result in riches. It is usually wise to craft the charge so that the spirit is bound to act without causing bodily harm to yourself or others. After all, it would also be a pretty bad outcome to be permanently disabled in a car accident but wind up with a million dollar lawsuit settlement - but you would have your money.

After the charge, pause for a moment before closing the temple.

IV. Closing

The License to Depart should be revised as follows.

O thou EL and thy ministers TZADKIEL (tzahd-kee-EL), JOPHIEL (joh-fee-EL), and HISMAEL (his-may-EL), because thou hast diligently answered unto my demands, and hast been very ready and willing to come at my call, I do here license thee to depart unto thy proper place; without causing harm or danger unto man or beast. I charge thee to withdraw peaceably and quietly, and peace be ever continued between us. So mote it be!

Pause for a moment to give the spirits time to depart. Visualize the purple light being absorbed into yourself.

The rest of the Closing is the same. You're done.

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Laura in NYC said...

hey interesting!

Scott Stenwick said...

For awhile now that this post has been attracting professional spellcasters trying to promote themselves. As I'm not in the business myself I don't necessarily mind such posts, but I would request that you please not spam the page with multiple messages. If you do, the duplicates will be deleted.

I'll also add that with any of these people the usual disclaimers apply. Augoeides doesn't support these folks and I have no idea whether they're legitimate or total scammers, so buyer beware. If, for example, they claim that you're cursed and require a huge sum of money to remove it, run away as fast as you can. That's a common con.

Also, seeing as there's a good chance some of these folks are fake, if you do decide to contact them I recommend creating a disposable email account to contact them rather than giving up your real address or calling the posted numbers, since those numbers can be set up to charge you and if you use your real email address you can be opening yourself up to identity theft.

Scott Stenwick said...

Just a reminder, if you are posting ads for spellcasters (and are an actual person rather than a bot) make sure that you only post once. Duplicate posts are classified as spam, and both will be deleted.

Anonymous said...

Wtf!!! :)) yeah I'm sure y'all had life miracles manifested in your favor thanks to that guy. Jesus would have gone out of the miracle business if he would have lived in our time, because of that guy :))

So Scott, if I were to cast a wealth spell for someone who is his own employer, I would use the Sun, right? I haven't tried the GIRH of the Sun yet, but I'm considering using your method of Sun hexagram, tracing it from the center downwards (water triangle first), since the intent would be manifested in the physical realm.

I guess an organge candle, sunflower oil and cinnamon would be enough. Could I use frankincense throughout the ceremony? It's not figured in 777 as a scent for Tiphareth or for Path 30, but I know it's used as an offering for the Sun God from ancient times.

Thank you!

Scott Stenwick said...

Yes, I would use the Sun in that case.

Frankincense is called Olibanum in Liber 777, and is attributed to both Tiphareth and path 30. So that sounds good to me.

Anonymous said...

Oh, didn't know that. Thanks!

Scott Stenwick said...

Aisle one cleaned up as well. No more spellcaster ads will be allowed here now either, or anywhere else on the blog, without some prior arrangement with me.