Friday, May 2, 2008

They've Got It Down to a Science

I came across an article discussing Hindu complaints about the new Mike Myers movie, The Love Guru.

Some Hindus are protesting the film because it pokes fun at the whole Guru tradition and shows Myers' Guru character in many un-Gurulike situations and generally behaving badly. I'm sure these are all true statements, but... it's Mike Myers, folks! Nobody in their right mind treats the man who brought us Austin Powers as anything other than a ridiculous comedian. Of course he makes fun of Gurus. I mean, why wouldn't he? He makes fun of everything else.

Here's the spiritual technology connection. Included in the article is a helpful chart showing how much time in Hell is associated with making the film, seeing the film, and even knowing about the film but doing nothing to stop it. In this sect of Hinduism time in Hell is apparently based on a "demerit" system, just like what they use in the Army.

Making the movie, 'The Love Guru' - 30 units, 2nd region of Hell for 1000 years

Watching it for entertainment without knowing the spiritual science/significance - 2 units, Nether region (Bhuvaloka) for 100 yrs

Watching it for entertainment even after knowing the spiritual science/significance - 5 units, 1st region of Hell for 100 yrs

Being a seeker of God/on the spiritual path, knowing about the Movie, but doing nothing to stop it - 5 units, 1st region of Hell for 100 yrs

Such itemization prompts all sorts of questions. Do you still go to Hell if you do something ineffective to stop the movie? How about something you know to be ineffective? Would that be, like, 4 demerits instead? What if you watch it disapprovingly and don't laugh at the jokes? Does that lower your sentence? Or is it that if you do laugh your sentence is longer?

It seems to me that in this particular form of Hinduism you can get sent to Hell for some pretty trivial stuff, but at least it's not the eternal punishment that some Christians want to dole out for listening to a rock-n-roll song, or the flames that some Muslims wish on anyone who dares to make a cartoon about The Prophet. What all of these folks don't seem to understand is that there's a big difference between parody and blasphemy, and furthermore any religious system that is completely humorless strikes me as fundamentally weak.

It is certainly possible for a student to maintain the Pure View of the Guru while watching a funny movie in which a fictional Guru acts completely inappropriately, which I'm guessing is the source of much of the film's humor. Furthermore, anyone who would confuse a Mike Myers film with reality is probably stupid enough that they're going to get sent to Hell anyway for some other minor transgression.

In light of this I'm certainly glad to be a Thelemite - "Aye! feast! rejoice! there is no dread hereafter. There is the dissolution, and eternal ecstasy in the kisses of Nu." That sounds a whole lot better than a century in Hell for watching a freaking movie.

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Worlock93 said...


I find it odd that both seeing the movie while doing nothin to stop it and not seeing the movie are both worth 5 point and a 100 years in the 1st region of Hell. What about non-violent resistance, does not willed inaction equal action. Isn't just refusing to hand out your cash to see the movie an action in itself? I wonder "What Would Ghandi Do?"

Anyhow, what I find loathsome is this consistent trend as of late, that the moment that something is announced that _might_ be offensive to someone, groups are so quick to jump on a bandwagon. The article you direct to has a series of letters that are all based on a few minutes from a trailer. It takes four times longer to read the letters than to even see the movie.

I find it strange, in the world today, so many people seem to view Hollywood as though they are supposed to be the keepers of ethics and morals in our society. Hollywood's goal is to make money, no more, no less. They care little about much else and most of Hollywood does little to downplay this goal. Movies are a business and not much else, I don't know why some people in this world try to make it so much bigger than that!

93 93/93,

Ananael Qaa said...

Bear in mind that one way to take action would presumably be to send money to these folks so that they could organize a protest and of course take a nice fat administrative fee off the top. See, then you've taken action so as long as you don't see the film you're in the clear, and the leaders of the group can afford that beach house in the South Pacific that their god really desperately wants them to have. Unless they demonize inaction, they can kiss that beach house goodbye.

Okay, to be fair I'm willing to grant the possibility that this group might be sincere and just looking for their fifteen minutes of fame in order to counter what they see as the negative message of the film - but to my way of thinking all their statement does is make them look silly.