Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More Thoughts on Mantra

Recently I've been experimenting with using mantra meditation in conjunction with Western ceremonial magick techniques. My original idea was to use the Heavens of Assiah as mantras for each sphere and path on the Tree of Life, but I've done several rituals along those lines and now think a modification of the technique is in order.

My actual training in mantra meditation comes from the Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhist tradition. In Vajrayana, mantra meditation is divided up into two stages, generation and completion. In Western ceremonial terms, the generation stage builds energy and the completion phase grounds it. During the generation stage the deity's mantra is recited, and during the completion stage a shorter syllable is recited, such as AH or the Tibetan seed syllable associated with the mantra.

So my original idea was to use the Heaven of Assiah name for generation and AUMGN for completion. The main problem with this is that this confines the generation stage to Assiah on the Tree of Life, and that really is not correct. The generation stage should build energy higher up on the Tree and then the completion stage should ground it into Assiah once it has built to the appropriate level. AUMGN is not so much a grounding word as it is an integrative word, in effect combining the lightning flash and serpent of wisdom to create an esoteric circuit.

Here's the revised idea. For the mantra, use the godname or some short phrase including it. For the Qabalistic godnames the name itself is sufficient, as the name of God associated with each sphere is actually a word or phrase in Hebrew in addition to a proper name. For Egyptian godnames, my magical working group has used the following to good effect:


It means "the perfect (or great) god [name] brings life." We've had good results with it for Heru (Horus), Seteh (Set), and Tahuti (Thoth) so far.

This constitutes the generation stage and the recitations should consist of a number of mala rounds equal to the number associated with the deity's Qabalistic sphere. For an evocation, the visualization that accompanies this stage should be like a clockwise whirling cone of appropriately colored light centered on the focus of the spell. For invocations, the same visualization should be centered on the magician.

For the completion stage, use the Heaven of Assiah name. One recitation should be made for each mala round in the generation stage. The visualization accompanying this stage should be that of the cone of light sinking and being absorbed into the focus for an evocation or the magician for an invocation. It seems like the Hebrew Heavens of Assiah work fine with the Egyptian godnames, but at some point I want to put together a translation so that I can do the whole thing in Egyptian.

Finally, the practice is concluded with a single AUMGN. The visualization for this is that of the light integrating with the focus or the magician and stabilizing itself in a balanced manner within its target.

More testing is slated for tonight. If anyone else out there would like to try it out and provide some feedback, go right ahead.

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