Tuesday, December 2, 2008

An Odd Spell From Africa

Here's a news story about a spell from the African nation of Namibia the likes of which I've never seen before.
  1. Perform some sort of magical ceremony, the details of which have not yet been published, causing one of your cows to give birth to a strange creature resembling a human baby.
  2. Bury this (presumably dead) creature in the same place as the grave in which you previously buried your dead son.
  3. Magically acquire more cattle.
Does it work? I suppose we'll never know, since local law enforcement caught the would-be magician disturbing his son's grave and exhumed the "creature," probably a malformed calf of some sort.

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1 comment:

Robert-Joseph said...

Absent the particulars, it's hard to say for sure exactly what happened. A ritual could have been done, utilizing say a loa or deity or something else, and a petition made to allow something not typically allowed into this world to incarnate here by utilizing a pregnant or soon to be pregnant animal. If it was something really foreign, it could result in significant deformities. I would assume, however, if such a thing were allowed access after such a petition to something powerful enough to bring it into this world, it would also be born alive.

From there said creature may have been buried as an offering to a dead person or loa, or it may have been to seal it into the ground and utilize it to bring fortune. Utilizing a dead relative, as was done here, wouldn't be atypical in vodun practices.

I was a little dismayed to see the article refer to African Shamanism as a dark and mysterious art. It, and its Caribbean cousins, are full rich and cultured magickal practices and information which is often dismissed as either evil or con-artistry.