Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Evolution: The REAL Story

Thanks to the Internet, we have many more opportunities to be appalled with our fellow human beings than our poor disconnected ancestors of twenty years ago could possibly imagine. I doubt that people are any worse overall than they were back then, and in fact a good argument can be made that at least to a degree digital networking has helped bring people around the world together. However, the reason that we see so much more unbelievable ignorance these days is that if someone says something truly idiotic those comments will live on for all time as an unending running joke, an example that just about anyone can pull up to support the statement, "Hey, at least I'm not as dumb as that guy!"

The following message was sent in e-mail to several of the bloggers over at Pandagon because apparently they were unaware of the "real story" of evolution. Apparently I'm ignorant as well - I always thought that evolution was a well-documented scientific theory that describes how genetic mutations allow populations of organisms to adapt and over time differentiate into different species in response to environmental conditions. But according to this guy it actually begins with the Adam and Eve story from Genesis and degenerates into hot monkey sex. No, not between Adam and Eve, between people and actual monkeys. It's either a new religion or insanity at a level that is rarely witnessed.

I made a halfhearted attempt to quote and comment on this particular piece of craziness paragraph by paragraph but there's just too much of it for me to ever finish in a short period of time. Factual errors, theological errors, scientific errors... I mean, where would I even start? Besides, the commenters at Pandagon did a much better job of skewering this steaming pile of nonsense than I ever could. Just read it, and be content with the knowledge that no matter how stupid you may be there's somebody out there who's even dumber.

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