Monday, May 3, 2010

Tiger Woods Needs a Sorcerer

The saga of Tiger Woods trying to win tournaments without magical assistance just keeps getting worse. At the Masters three weeks ago Woods did well but not quite well enough to win the tournament, tying for fourth place. But last Friday he played one of the worst rounds of his professional career and missed the cut at the Quail Hollow Championship.

In a shocking meltdown Friday at the Quail Hollow Championship, Woods missed the cut for only the sixth time in his career with a performance that was incomparable for all the wrong reasons.

He shot a 79, his worst score on American soil as a pro and the second-highest of his career. He matched his highest score on nine holes with a 43 on the back nine, and that was with three solid pars on the tough closing stretch. His 36-hole score of 153 was the highest in his 14 years on the PGA Tour.

Tiger Woods clearly either needs to get his church back, which doesn't look likely, or hire himself a sorcerer to boost the quality of his play if he ever hopes to regain his status as the world's top golfer.

Maybe he should get in touch with Jason Miller and pick up one of those cool spirit bottles.

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