Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Magick Microwaves

I seriously hope this question is a joke, because if anyone out there is actually this stupid then my hope for humanity has just been ratcheted down a notch.

Question by Fight for your rights!: If witchcraft is wrong, then what about microwave ovens? Don’t they use magic to heat your food? I know they don’t use flame or electric coils, so the only other alternative is magic.

Here we go! Finally someone online has come forth as the ultimate advocate for the "energy model." Not only is all magick energy, apparently all energy is magick. You know, like the electromagnetic kind.

So magick runs my computer, my car, this blog, and the entire Internet. I'll bet all those skeptics are feeling pretty dumb right about now!

At least the response gives the question it the seriousness it deserves.

Answer by Firey: You’re right. Not to mention the divine non-dairy powdered coffee creamers.

I think this situation is probably the most appropriate one I've ever come across for quoting "The stupid! It burns!"

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