Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Film Debut

If you recall, back in February I mentioned that I would be appearing in an underground film playing an evil magician. Here is the version of the film that was put together for Z Fest back in March. For the festival films had to be around 7 minutes in length, and as it turned out the script as written was too long. That's why it ends kind of abruptly, and why some of the editing in the interview portion feels tighter than it needs to be. But it's still fun to watch, especially for those of you wondering what it might look like to see me walking around the Minneapolis skyway system death-spelling random people.

The film wound up being taken out of competition at the festival because of an issue with one of the actors, but we're planning on shooting the rest of the script and re-editing for the Minneapolis Underground Film Festival in December. As you watch, keep in mind that I didn't write the script and most of my pronouncements about magick in the interview portion are basically nonsense. There are a couple of particularly good shots in that section, though, and the room that it was shot in is not a set. The room where they conduct the interview is my actual temple, and it really does look like that.

UPDATE: The full film is now available on YouTube, with some additional footage that wasn't part of the previous version. The link above has been updated with the new URL.

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1 comment:

Undercrypt said...

Fun. Always nice when it doesn't end with angry peasants.