Friday, June 29, 2012

Ghost or Earthquake?

A Texas store may have captured a ghost in action - or maybe just a freak earthquake. When employees arrived in the morning to open the shop they discovered that several blankets had fallen off their shelves. They consulted the security footage from the night before, and were surprised to see a clear shot of the blankets falling seemingly on their own. Assuming that the shelves were perhaps just unstable, the employees then tried to duplicate what they saw on the recording by shaking the shelves up and down, but to no avail. The remaining blankets sat firmly in place.

The footage was filmed while the store was locked, and no one came in or out during that time. However, it may be that this unusual happening had nothing to do with spirits. The town in which the store is located experienced a small earthquake over the weekend, which is the first thing I would look into if I were investigating this case. The video report does not mention whether or not the falling blankets happened at the same time as the earthquake - and if they did, that's probably the answer right there. As for the blankets remaining on the shelves when shaken up and down, it should be noted that the shaking produced by many earthquakes is from side-to-side and might be difficult to duplicate in the manner demonstrated in the video.

So this one probably is not a ghost. The footage, though, is particularly good because the blankets in question fell right in front of one of the store's cameras, and I can easily see how individuals unused to earthquakes might assume that this was the work of a disembodied spirit.

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