Wednesday, March 20, 2013

But... He's a Witch!

Here's a big difference between American culture and a lot of other places in the world in terms of how allegations of spell-casting are handled. In this country they're largely dismissed, but elsewhere they can lead to attacks by angry mobs and other forms of vigilantism. A woman in Georgia recently accused her ex-husband of casting spells on her. Far from taking it even marginally seriously, the allegation was completely dismissed by law enforcement.

Mychia Vang and her mother, both of Winder, Ga., contacted law enforcement Tuesday, claiming that Vang's ex-husband, Bruce Lor, had cast a spell on the two women, according to a police report obtained by The Smoking Gun.

The pair told a responding deputy that Lor, 28, was "able to know what they do and where they go," the report states. They also accused him of using magic to give Vang health problems.

“There is no audio or video of this incident," the deputy noted.

Now it should be pointed out that perhaps this man did in fact cast a spell on his ex-wife. The problem, though, is that there's no objective method to determine whether this is an actual report or a mistaken belief on the part of the accuser. That's really how it has to be. Anti-witchcraft squads and other such "magick police" forces around the world wind up perpetrating all sorts of abusive incidents without any real oversight precisely due to the subjective nature of magical operations.

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