Thursday, December 19, 2013

Fake Illuminati, How Do They Work?

The war against the Illuminati has officially begun. That is, the fake war against the fake Illuminati, which is oddly appropriate. Followers of musicians Insane Clown Posse who call themselves Juggalos have valiantly set up a Facebook page in opposition to the "Illuminati leadership" that is destroying America. Or something like that. So the perennial crazy people railing against the Illuminati have now been joined by the followers of insane clowns - at least on Facebook. You can't make this stuff up, folks!

On paper, the Illuminati and the Juggalos have a lot in common. Both are tightly knit societies whose customs strike outsiders as creepy and cultish, and under no circumstances should either be trifled with. But there’s only room for one new world order, and fans of the Insane Clown Posse have banded together to combat what they see as the influence of shadowy conspirators who occupy various seats of political power—mainly with crummy image macros.

The Facebook page for Juggalos Against Illuminati Leadership, or J.A.I.L., has drawn more than 600 followers, all “standing up to protect the rights of the people and raise awareness of the corruption within our government!!!!” It’s meant to be a hub where people can plan protests and “family events” as well as just “raise awareness.” To that end, they share pictorial grievances against gun control advocates, Barack Obama, police, war in the Middle East, the 1 Percent, the Federal Reserve, the Affordable Care Act, “sheeple,” marijuana laws, and even Disney.

As of today the page is up to 800 followers, all opposed to a fraternal order that essentially died out at the beginning of the nineteenth century. As I've mentioned before, the fakeness of the Illuminati doesn't mean that there are no global elites with money, connections, and undue political influence, but proposing that they are primarily motivated by occult or esoteric goals is ridiculous. The richest occultists I know are professionals like me, and while we do pretty well for ourselves none of us are billionaires with the resources to influence world markets and politicians.

In fact, I imagine that spiritual or even magical practices would be a distraction from dominating the modern world. In order to accumulate money, connections, and political influence it's necessary to spend your time making money, cultivating connections, and amassing political influence rather than wasting it on bizarre rituals with celebrities that involve secret (that is, incredibly well-known) symbols, phrases, and hand signals. It's never been clear what said rituals are supposed to accomplish, but everybody assures me that whatever it is, it's unspeakably evil.

But it may just be that the real global elites behave in such an unenlightened fashion precisely because they're so busy trying to run the world rather than working on their own spiritual development. That makes a lot more sense than most of the other theories floating around out there.

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Nerd said...

Everyone in the conspiracy theory world knows they're pawns of the New World Order.

What real people would ever really posit their schtick as a serious musical act? lol

Anonymous said...

I have a conspiracy theory background, but only because I was lead that road in my search to finally reach and understand at least a small part of the occult and finally to practice magick, which i consider to be my final destination for this lifetime. This is because through magick I can ascend on my spiritual path, as well as creating an apropriate material environment in which to engage that path, without major difficulties from the outside world that would distract me. That would be ideal.

Anyway, I came to the conclusion that the use of occult symbols in media and the mundane world in general could be a strategy used by influential people to distract the masses and send them on a wild goose chaise for various occult groups real and made up, while they would maintain a low profile in doing what it is they're doing.

Scott Stenwick said...

I just have a lot of trouble seeing why they would bother. So few people even believe in magick in the Western world that I have a hard time seeing why they would need to run any sort of interference at all.

I'm totally out as a practicing magician and have been for more than a decade - under my real name and everything. I've never had any trouble related to that from anybody. The vast, vast majority of people just don't care.

So given that, it's hard to see how the promotion of occult symbols in the media could do anything but backfire. Why would they want a whole new generation of people trying to argue that occultism is relevant if all they really want is to be left alone?

Anonymous said...

I don't think that people should believe in magick in order to judge those who practice it. More likely it's the dumb association between magick and "Satan" that many common folk have that triggers this kind of attitude.

I saw that you have a degree in psychology and I think you can understand better the impact such symbols and suggestions have on the individual and collective mind.

I guess it could stir up some ancient fears in people, one being the fear of the unknown, since occult means hidden, not seen in order to be acknowledged.

On the other hand I guess that the entertainment industry, especially the movies, have created some patterns over the decades in order to inoculate the fear that people are powerless to various developments in the world at large, even if they are fiction and/or to make them used to the idea that there are various factors out there (even if they are fiction).

Since Roswell many movies about aliens have been made, each with different scenarios deriving from the core idea that aliens exist. Mind control has also been a theme of the movie industry, along with ghosts in general, the mysteries of the ancient world, archaic folklore, government and political hidden plots and so on.

Channels like Discovery have also developed a pattern over the years. At least that's what I've noticed since I got it on cable in the 90s. They had programs about the ancient world and they went on discussing UFOs and conspiracies and even tied some of the subjects with the occult. The subject of nazism has become a frequent subject brought on by Nat Geo (here in Romania), stretching from the colossal architecture planned by Hitler, to the occult workings of the SS.

I even saw a Viasat History program that actually talked about magick and depicted images of an acted scene where a person performed the LRP.

The reason that I studied conspiracy theories was that I senced there was something behind it and I found magick. At that point I let go of conspiracies because I found out that they are made in such a way as to create a maze from which one can hardly escape. Come to think of it, I don't really think the reason for using occult symbols would be that people would be lead in virtual witch hunts, even if it does in some cases, but to prevent people from living their normal life's, as they would think constantly in ways of uncovering onion layered conspiracies, instead of their every day living.