Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hunt Ghosts Naked!

I suppose with the ongoing evolution of "reality tv" something like this was inevitable. Apparently, a television production company is pitching a new paranormal investigation series with a twist - the investigations will all be done in the nude. The producers claim they're looking to see if a naked team will get "different readings." You know, because they can't just come out and say they want to spend their days filming naked people.

Casting agent Chrissy Glickman of Matador Content sent the email out this week to various paranormal teams and ghost hunting enthusiasts. In the email, she says that she is looking for paranormal investigators that will take "paranormal investigating to the next level" and bare it all for the camera.

"For this paranormal investigating show, we are putting a different spin on paranormal investigating and we are looking for people and/or teams that would be interested in taking paranormal investigating to the next level by doing it in the nude. This is the REAL NAKED & AFRAID! We will have different teams going to different haunted locations around the country," Glickman said in the email.

The producers are using nudity for the concept of the show because they want to see if paranormal research teams get different readings and more evidence than when they are fully clothed. They believe that spirits will communicate with someone more vulnerable.

"This show is not about putting a bad light, causing drama or making fun of the paranormal. This idea was brought to our company after research on paranormal investigation teams in history doing it in the nude and we want to see if their reasoning for doing it in the nude really does get spirits to communicate easier," Glickman said.

But I'm thinking that What really happened was this. At a brainstorming session, somebody threw out the idea, "Hey, people like to watch paranormal shows. They also like to watch naked people. Let's combine the two! Our ratings will go through the roof!" If the people selected for the show all look like models rather than being experienced ghost hunters that will prove it, and if this show ever gets off the ground I'm sure they will.

I've never seen any evidence in the paranormal literature that people have more paranormal experiences when they're not wearing clothes. And I'm sure some investigators tried it at some point, but my guess is that the technique is not very well known because it was potentially embarrassing and seemed to work no better than clothed investigations. As such, I highly doubt that a team of naked ghost hunters will be good for anything but ratings, and the viewers tuning in won't be watching it for the ghosts.

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Nerd said...

Maybe they should do something incorporating sex magick.

Scott Stenwick said...

Well, it would certainly get the ratings up. But I doubt it would make it past the FCC's "indecency" filters.

So maybe on cable...