Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Walmart Closed. Clearly, It's the Apocalypse!

Where do they come up with this stuff? Bloggers and other fringe media types on the Internet are now putting forth the bizarre notion that the closing of five Walmart stores in conjunction with a routine military training exercise means that martial law is about to imposed all across the United States. Or something like that.

“From the Boston Marathon bombings to Sandy Hook, the government has been executing false flags for purposes of imposing absolute NWO control over its citizens,” warned Joachim Hagopian, a blogger for the Centre for Research on Globalization.

He warned that “neocons” he believes to be responsible for staging the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks will enact “draconian Orwellian laws of tyranny and oppression to conveniently vilify citizens bold enough to demand their civil liberties and privacy rights back.”

Other conspiracy theorists warn that the “Russians have penetrated the territorial boundary of the lower 48″ states to build “death domes,” although there is apparently some disagreement over whether they are arming insurgents here, while others warn Yemen is somehow involved in the alleged plot.

It's literally to the point where the minute you hear the words "false flag" out of somebody's mouth you can dismiss everything else they have to say. Seriously, do they think that there's no such thing as a terrorist attack that the government didn't orchestrate? Because that's what it sounds like. In fact, the entire point of terrorism is that it's asymmetrical - it allows a small group to do a lot of damage without government support.

According to more credible sources, the Walmarts may have been closed because the employees were attempting to unionize, which is diabolical enough without a bunch of goofy speculation. And so far, nobody's seen hide nor hair of a "death dome" - whatever the heck that is. I suppose people fall into this stuff because they want to embrace an over-arching theory that makes sense of every aspect of their paranoid worldview.

But really, the Walmart apocalypse theory is just dumb. You'd think with so much time on their hands, these conspiracy enthusiasts could come up with something better.

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