Friday, September 11, 2015

Hexing Donald Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump remains the frontrunner for the nomination despite his complete disregard for what are generally considered common-sense rules of campaigning. Trump has issued offensive statement after offensive statement, but somehow his supporters seem to love him all the more for doing so. It's almost as if the guy is using magick - or, I suppose, his skill at manipulating the media.

A group of Brooklyn spellcasters recently became fed up with Trump's continued success, and set out to send a volley of curses his way. They compiled snippets from their various rituals into an entertaining video called "Brujas Hex Trump," which they then shared widely via social media. According the standard rules of campaigning no candidate would ever address something of this sort, but we are talking about Donald Trump here, so you never know.

Yeni Sleidi gathered her fellow brujas, asked them to perform a series of curses on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and recorded footage of the rituals. The end result is an energetic video titled, “Brujas Hex Trump.” Yeni, a writer and activist from Brooklyn, was inspired to make the video after chatting with her Santeria-practicing mother.

Yeni asked if there was anything she could do, spell-wise, to thwart Trump’s electoral efforts. “We’re both Cuban immigrants and his misguided attack on Mexican immigrants hit close to home, so she was happy to help.” Her mom gave instructions on a traditional “name-in-the-freezer” hex, and the video shows Yeni invoking the “Ice Queen” to freeze Trump’s idiotic cabeza.

As the saying goes, there’s always strength in numbers, so Yeni’s friends contributed an array of spells for ol’ Trump. The magical menu included a hex to silence him, another to protect people of color from his evil and one that would make him mourn the loss of his infamous comb-over. That’s right—a hair loss curse.

This video is much more fun than, say, the one that the Salem folks made of cursing Charlie Sheen, in part because it comes off as mostly tongue-in-cheek and in part because it's much better produced. Still, even though some of the rituals depicted look silly, others appear to be legitimate examples of folk magick techniques. So starting today, I'll be watching the Trump campaign for any bad fortune that seems weird enough to possibly be paranormal.

And if Trump's hair falls out, I'll consider that a definitive sign right there.

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