Friday, February 19, 2016

Who Do They Think They Are?

It has come to my attention that Watchers of the Dawn, a website originally dedicated to posting snarky comments about the various Golden Dawn orders, apparently fancies itself the new Augoeides. Don't believe me? Check out the screenshot above that I took just last night. You can click on the image to enlarge.

Let's see - not a single Golden Dawn story on there! To be fair, those are just the most recent six stories on the site and there's one more row on front page, with Golden Dawn stories in positions #8 and #9, but still.

In the screenshot, they have the "Obama sacrificed Scalia" story at #6. #7, which you can't see, is about Saudi Arabia's anti-witchcraft squad. And #2 is crazy stuff from Pat Robertson, which I cover all the damn time.

I was considering covering #7, the anti-witchcraft squad story, and #1, the Goddess Temple trial in Phoenix over the weekend. I still might. I will say that I've backed off the African witchcraft stories for the most part, so they can have #4 and #5.

But how dare they? This is my beat, man!

Now it hopefully is obvious at this point that my comments here are all tongue-in-cheek, and other websites can post whatever the heck they want. I do think it's kind of telling, though, that they decided to move beyond Golden Dawn snarking and into more general occult news territory.

Because really, when you get right down to it, only so many people are that interested in the Golden Dawn and the twisted political nonsense that goes on between the different groups. Personally I avoid it like the plague. On the other hand, everybody likes to make fun of Pat Robertson. I think that statement might even be axiomatic.

Augoeides had a slow January, with me starting a new job along with continuing to putter away on both Mastering the Great Table and yet another new fiction project. So maybe they just decided to cater to folks jonesing for their Augoeides fix after a paltry month of only four posts, and I can't say that I blame them.

But have no fear, I'm currently in the process of ramping the posting back up to where it was a couple months back. I'm even going to up my game a bit and start posting more serious magick articles, like I've been promising for awhile now. Monday's piece on Goetic Circles and Operant Fields was just the beginning.

Let's see if Watchers of the Dawn can keep up.

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neetwizard said...

At first I thought you were visiting a different site, but looks like it's the same Watchers. What a sudden and massive change, I wonder what they're up to. I smelt clickbaits for a moment there...

Scott Stenwick said...

I know, right? I had not gone out and looked at it in a while, and just came across this redesign or whatever the heck it is. They totally are trying to be me!

Nick Farrell said...

Nah if you look at the rest of Mike Magee's magazines he has been doing a similar format for years.... he is the guy that started the Register, the INQ and Techeye. These started the tech-blogging thing using British tabloid language (now everyone does it). It is still under development at the moment. I dont know how much the old Watchers Team are involved. Robert appears to be still there although he has not written any of the new bunch of stories and he still says they will be covering "leaders with their trousers down" stories, probably not as badly written.

Scott Stenwick said...

So are they under new management, then? That would explain the format shift.