Friday, February 3, 2017

Chart Victors in Planetary and Elemental Work

Yes, it's another non-Monday magick post.

In my Zodiacal Work series, I address the use of the Chart Victor to determine the best time to perform a zodiacal operation. Similar determinations can be made for both planetary and elemental operations, based on the dignities and debilities of the planets in the signs.

Most obviously, the best time to perform a planetary operation is when the Victor matches the planet called upon in your operation. This creates the condition of Rulership, the strongest dignity, since every planet effectively rules itself. But in fact, you can work out which dignity or debility is produced by each combination of a particular Victor and a particular planet, based on the condition of the planet in the sign or signs ruled by the Victor.

Rulership, when the Victor and planet match, implies competence and power. A planet in its rulership "has it all together," so to speak, so this is the best set of circumstances for performing any ritual. if you can perform all of your operations under Rulership conditions, you will get the best results. Exaltation is not quite as strong as Rulership, but it is still positive and can work well for performing rituals. An exalted planet commands energy and attention, so chances for success remain elevated, but is not necessarily entirely in control of its circumstances.

So in effect, a ritual that is performed under a Rulership condition will most likely manifest in a manner that you expect. It is less likely to "go sideways," meeting the conditions of your charge but in an unexpected or less useful way than you anticipated. A ritual performed under an Exaltation condition will work, but the odds of it working in an unexpected way is higher. Since Exaltation is a dignity it is unlikely to manifest in a bad way, just an unusual one.

Detriment is the opposite of Rulership, implying incompetence and powerlessness. Fall is not quite as bad as Detriment, though it should likewise be avoided if at all possible. Fall is the opposite of Exaltation. In this condition, the Victor might be able to hold the ritual operation together, but its circumstances are out of its control and it amass enough attention or energy to get much done. Basically, Detriment causes failure due to lack of coherence, and Fall causes failure due to lack of power.

A ritual performed under a Detriment condition will generally completely fall apart and accomplish nothing. In such circumstances, the Victor is entirely out of harmony with the operation, and even if it "wants" to hold everything together, it simply can't. On the other hand, rituals performed under Fall conditions usually don't completely fall apart, but rather tend to just fizzle out. Still, the result is the same - the rite is likely to fail.

These dignities and debilities can be adapted into the following chart, showing the results of rituals for particular planets performed with Victors that form dignities or debilities.

JupiterMercuryDetriment or Fall

So as an example, if you were performing a Jupiter operation, you will get the best results with a Jupiter Victor and good results with a Moon Victor, because the Moon rules Cancer and Jupiter is in its Exaltation in Cancer. A neutral Victor - that is, a combination that doesn't appear on the chart - is neither dignified nor debilitated, and will not generally affect your operation one way or the other.

Elemental operations can likewise be classified along similar lines using the table of elemental Triplicity Lords. As you might recall from the Chart Victor article, that chart looks like this:


Day and Night correspond to when your ritual will be performed. If the Sun is above the horizon, the Day Lord is dominant. If the Sun is below the horizon, the Night Lord is dominant. The Triplicity Lord can be treated as the planet ruling the operation, and as such it can be mapped onto the chart just like a planetary operation can be.

So, for example, a Fire operation performed during the day is ruled by the Sun. The best Victors, therefore, would be the Sun (Rulership) or Mars (Exaltation). This is because the Sun is in its Exaltation in Aries, which is ruled by Mars. But the same operation performed at night would be ruled by Jupiter, so the best Victors would be Jupiter (Rulership) and the Moon (Exaltation).

People sometimes talk about how magick seems hard to predict, and sometimes acts as if it has a mind of its own. This is generally more true of spirits than of magick itself, but if you pay no attention to the Victor of the moment at which your operation will take place, it may look that way as you go back over you journals and records.

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Dacia Pacea said...

I wanted to ask you this since you posted the first article on the Chart Victor, but i got carried away with the excitement of waiting for the zodiacal posts :)

Besides the practical mundane rituals - probability shifting - does working according to the Chart Victor also affect talisman workings? I mean if I perform a ritual to charge a certain talisman in an unfavorable timing according to the CV, does it mean that the talisman will receive less energy from the specific spirit, than it would have have I performed the same ritual in a favorable timing?


Scott Stenwick said...

Yes, it appears to be a general principle. The strength of a talisman will correspond to the conditions present when it was created. When you have a good chart victor and final aspect, think of it as casting into favorable "weather," so to speak. The better your environment corresponds to what you're trying to do, the better it will work.

Dacia Pacea said...

I understand and it makes sense, although it increases the difficulty of finding a suitable timing outside say, working hours :)

One more thing, in the initial article say "If one of those planets rises between 90 degrees ahead of the Sun and the first retrograde station, it is given 1 point.".

Could you elaborate a bit on it please? Does the first retrograde station refer to the degree in which any of the classic planets stations retrograde in the nearest future? Thanks!

Scott Stenwick said...

Keep in mind that none of this means that you cannot perform an operation at another time. It just is that if you really are looking for an optimal effect, your timing choices are more limited. People have been doing magick without any of this material for a long time, and many of them do get good results regardless.

To some extent, ceremonial forms can mediate this effect as well. One of the points of using methods like the Greater Pentagram and Hexagram rituals is to deliberately tune your space to a force that may not be entirely in harmony with the astrological landscape. Of course, I've found that if you use forms and timing together, everything works better still.

The first retrograde station is for the planet in question (Mars, Jupiter, or Saturn), not any planet. So what you are looking for is the point where the planet goes retrograde after passing ahead of the Sun. I don't usually worry about that one too much, since you often need to dig through an ephemeris to tell where the station is for sure, and the single point rarely makes a difference in the calculation.

Dacia Pacea said...

You're right. Thing is, ever since you posted the article I've been doing some CV calculations just to understand how it's done and I've succeeded. The only thing that remained unclear was the first retrograde station, which you clarified for me now. I've found a couple of almost perfect election timings next week which occur during my regular practice intervals and i needed to set that right in my mind.

As always, thank you!