Thursday, March 2, 2017

Zombies Attack Indiana?

The only rule that a zombie apocalypse seems to follow is the same as that followed by Biblical ones - "no man shall know the day or the hour." According to the most authoritative horror films, a zombie plague can strike just about anywhere without much warning. Yesterday around noon, a radio station in Winchester, Indiana, began broadcasting an emergency alert warning of an impending zombie attack. The sheriff's department investigated, and to everyone's relief the alert turned out to be a hoax, probably perpetrated by hackers.

The broadcasts, which were “replayed frequently” on a Winchester station around noon on Wednesday, warned of the flesh-eating attack as well as a related disease outbreak from dead bodies, authorities in Randolph County announced on Facebook.

“There is no local emergency,” the sheriff’s department assured in a statement. “We have contacted the radio station and notified the Indiana Department of Homeland Security. Again there is no emergency or disease outbreak in Randolph County.”

After hearing the repeating broadcasts on station WZZY 98.3, the county’s Homeland Security and Emergency Management team reached out to the state’s DHS to see if it was a planned training exercise. Once determining that it was not, the station, as well as its sister stations, were taken off the air until they could regain full control, the sheriff’s department said in an earlier release.

Not everyone was buying it, however. “Stay vigilant, folks, odds are the zombies would go straight for the sheriff’s department Facebook account first,” one Facebook user cautioned in the post’s comment section.

See, I don't know if I agree. Zombies are not particularly intelligent, and the idea that they would understand social media is probably pretty farfetched. It's hard to imagine any of the slow, shambling creatures from Night of the Living Dead gleefully checking it's Facebook and Twitter, if you know what I mean. That's probably a good thing, since it gives humans a chance to organize in the wake of an attack - at least until the power goes out.

So there probably are no real zombies in Indiana, but if you happen to live in the Winchester area you may want to keep an eye out just in case.

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