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Heptarchial Evocation Presentation

This week's Magick Monday post is the text of the talk that I gave, and the ritual that I performed, last Friday at the 2017 National Ordo Templi Orientis Convention, NOTOCON XI, in Orlando, Florida. The image shows my traveling Holy Table setup without the cloth and shewstone.

Dr. John Dee is well known in the occult community as the author of magical diaries from sixteenth century England detailing his operations with scryer Edward Kelley. The diaries span seven years and describe a previously unknown form of angel magick that has come to be known as the Enochian system among modern magical practitioners.

Dee’s first attempt at assembling an Angelic grimoire from his diaries was the Heptarchia Mystica. The material was received by Kelley in 1582 and includes descriptions of the implements that commonly represent Enochian magick today such as the Holy Table and Sigillum Dei Aemeth. Dee's Heptarchia Mystica grimoire was assembled years later, in 1588.

The Heptarchia has much in common with other Renaissance grimoires. One of the most common symbol sets found in Renaissance grimoires is that of the seven ancient planets, which also provide the basic schema for the Heptarchial angels. As such, the system is structured with a King and Prince for each day of the week, plus a King and Prince who rule over the system as a whole, for a total of sixteen distinct angels who may be conjured by name for specific purposes.

The temple furniture Dee was instructed to build for his operations is quite elaborate compared to other grimoires of the period. The Holy Table has a three-foot-square top with four three-foot legs, forming the outline of a cube. It was to be constructed of “sweet wood,” which some authors have suggested might allude to cedar. Another source suggests that in the Renaissance, the term referred to wood from any tree that bore fruit. The top of the table should be painted in yellow with a design that incorporates a border of angelic letters enclosing a large hexagram with a 3 x 4 grid of additional angelic letters in the center.

In the middle of the table rests the Sigullum Dei Aemeth, or “true seal of God.” This is a nine-inch diameter disk about an inch thick made from beeswax, into the top of which is engraved a complex image. This incorporates various names of power, lineal figures of the pentagram and heptagram, and a system of letters and numbers around the edge that encodes additional names. The bottom bears a simple cross-based design and the notariquon AGLA.

In addition to the large nine-inch Sigillum, four half-size replicas are placed under each of the table’s four legs to support it. In practice, this means that the table legs should bring it to about an inch short of three feet so that the four small sigils will raise it to the correct height. On top of the table, the large Sigillum is surrounded by seven square talismans, one for each planet, called the Ensigns of Creation.

Dee was instructed to make these from purified tin and engrave the letters into them. In a later scrying session he was told that he could also paint them onto the table using blue lines and red letters. Either way is appropriate, though it strikes me as more true to the Renaissance grimoire style to use metal talismans.

The floor of the temple should be covered with a six-foot-square carpet of red silk. Over the table, Sigillum, and Ensigns should be placed a six by six foot cloth of “changeable red and green silk.” Finally, the scrying stone or shewstone is placed on top of the cloth and in the center of the large Sigillum. This is a small crystal sphere placed in a frame that holds it in place.

The Heptarchial magician wears a plain white linen robe, a lamen, and a golden ring. Linen was the easiest natural plant fiber to procure in Dee’s time, and in my experience cotton works fine as well. The lamen consists of a grid of angelic letters arranged in a particular pattern, and was originally to be made from parchment. In Dee’s time this referred to treated animal skin rather than paper. It is worn over the chest.

The ring should be made from pure gold and bears a design incorporating a circle, a horizontal line, a large V-shape, and a large L-shape into a sort of sigil in the center and the four letters of the name PELE at the corners. This is the name of a particular angel that means “he who worketh wonders.” It is important to note that the angels who contacted Dee considered the ring to be the most important implement of all. He was told that without it, he would accomplish nothing.

Now as you can see here, my temple setup and tools do not conform exactly to those specifications – and that’s fine. One of the things I emphasize in my books is that as long as all the basic shapes and structures are covered, your setup will probably work. You can make your rituals work better by assembling more of the pieces according to the exact directions, but in my experience this only results in incremental improvements.

One of the most discussed aspects of the Enochian system is the angelic language and alphabet. For the purposes of Heptarchial work, though, you don’t need to know a lot about it aside from how to pronounce the names of the Kings and Princes. Otherwise, the conjurations and prayers used are all in English. The Golden Dawn proposed an elaborate pronunciation system that you can also find in Crowley’s works, but these days I find that most Enochian magicians are abandoning that system as artificial.

Dee, in fact, includes pronunciation notes for most Angelic words in his diaires. For the most part, the names are pronounced as written. The system that I use is based on eliminating many multiple consonant sounds, so that for example, C is always pronounced as K and G is never pronounced as J. In Angelic, I and J share the same letter and there is no K, but there is an S. Likewise, I try to keep the vowels as simple as I can. A is “ah,” E is “eh,” I is “ee,” O is “oh,” and U is “uh.”

These rules should be sufficient for pronouncing the Heptarchial names, as none of them contain the particularly difficult sets of consonants. I often use the First Angelic Key with Heptarchial operations, as you will see here shortly, and if you want to make use of that method you will need to become more familiar with the pronunciation. The First Key does include some more difficult words, though they become easier with practice.

The Heptarchial Kings and Princes are attributed to the days of the week and seven ancient planets. They can only be conjured on the proper day. I find that the rituals work better if they are done during the proper hour, but this is not always possible and the day will suffice. Today is Friday and I will be starting my ritual in the Hour of the Moon, which started at 9:04 AM.

There is an excellent Windows utility called ChronosXP that will calculate these hours for you automatically on your desktop. It’s interesting to have it running and watch what happens – you start noticing a lot of coincidences in which things of each planet’s nature tend to happen during the proper hour. The application is open source, and I believe it is available for other desktop platforms as well.

Today I will be performing a general operation calling on Carmara, the King who rules over the entire Heptarchial system. I planned this before I knew what the schedule will be, but it works out. Baligon, the King for Friday, told Dee and Kelley that he was in fact another form of Carmara. This may also be true of Blumaza, the King for Monday, who is associated with the Moon, as in the original text, the description and other particulars for Carmara are found in the Monday section, while that for Blumaza is empty.

Each combination of King and Prince requires a talisman bearing a ring of names around the edge, with those of the King and Prince along with their seals in the center. These can found in my book, rendered in Angelic letters. The base images can also be found at Joseph Peterson’s esoteric archives. They require a little assembly, but will work fine.

The ring forms the border of a circle, with the King’s seal placed in the upper half and the Prince’s seal in the lower half. The names of the King and Prince are placed within the circle along with the seals. The way I generally do it is to write the name of the King followed by that of the Prince across the circle’s midline between the two seals, but other arrangements are also workable so long as both names and seals are represented.

One of the oddities about Heptarchial magick is how these seals are used. Rather than being held in the hand or placed under the crystal, they are placed on the floor. You then stand on them, preferably with bare feet, while reciting the conjuration. In order to facilitate this you should place the talisman for the King and Prince on the floor in front of you when you start your ritual as I have done here, so that you can step onto it at the proper moment.

The Kings and Princes, like all collections of grimoire spirits, all have particular powers. It should go without saying that it’s important to make sure you choose the right one for what you want, as their powers are limited outside their relative spheres of influence. If you don’t know you should feel free to experiment. In my experience if you charge a spirit to do something beyond its powers it won’t get angry, and you won’t get any bad side effects. The spell just won’t do anything - making it a big waste of time.

The ritual I will be performing now calls upon Carmara to open our minds to the Heptarchial system as a whole and facilitate our ability to work with it going forward. The glass “shewstones” that everyone picked up coming into the room have been magically bound together with the crystal I have here on the Holy Table. You can connect with it by holding it in your hand, staring into it, or whatever method you prefer. When Aleister Crowley scried the Enochian Aethyrs, he placed a topaz to his forehead. You can do something like that as well if you wish.

The Temple

The temple is set up with traveling versions of the Holy Table and Sigillum Dei Aemeth covered with a changeable red and green silk cloth. The shewstone is set on top of the cloth in the center of the Sigillum.

The talisman for Carmara and Hagonel is placed on the floor, in front of the officiant who stands facing both the Holy Table and the audience.

The officiant is dressed in a white robe, and wears the Enochian lamen and ring.

The Ritual

Officiant performs the Star Ruby.

Officiant recites the Prayer of Enoch:

Lord God the Fountain of true wisdom, thou that openest the secrets thy own self unto man, thou knowest mine imperfection and my inward darknesse: How can I (therefore) speak unto them that speak not after the voice of man; or worthily call on thy name, considering that my imagination is variable and fruitlesse, and unknown to myself? Shall the Sands seem to invite the Mountains: or can the small Rivers entertain the wonderful and unknown waves? Can the vessel of fear, fragility, or that is of a determined proportion, lift up himself, heave up his hands, or gather the Sun into his bosom?

Lord it cannot be: Lord my imperfection is great: Lord I am lesse than sand: Lord, thy good Angels and Creatures excell me far: our proportion is not alike; our sense agreeth not: Notwithstanding I am comforted; For that we have all one God, all one beginning from thee, that we respect thee a Creatour: Therefore will I call upon thy name, and in thee, I will become mighty. Thou shalt light me, and I will become a Seer; I will see thy Creatures, and will magnifie thee amongst them.

Those that come unto thee have the same gate, and through the same gate, descend, such as thou sendest. Behold, I offer my house, my labour, my heart and soul, If it will please thy Angels to dweIl with me, and I with them ; to rejoyce with me, that I may rejoyce with them ; to minister unto me, that I may magnifie thy name. Then, lo the Tables (which I have provided, and according to thy will, prepared) I offer unto thee, and unto thy holy Angels, desiring them, in and through thy holy names: That as thou art their light, and comfortest them, so they, in thee will be my light and comfort.

Lord they prescribe not laws unto thee, so it is not meet that I prescribe laws unto them: What it pleaseth thee to offer, they receive; So what it pleaseth them to offer unto me, will I also receive. Behold I say (O Lord) If I shall call upon them in thy name, Be it unto me in mercy, as unto the servant of the Highest. Let them also manifest unto me, How, by what words, and at what time, I shall call them. O Lord, Is there any that measure the heavens, that is mortal? How, therefore, can the heavens enter into man’s imagination? Thy creatures are the Glory of thy countenance: Hereby thou glorifiest all things, which Glory excelleth and (O Lord) is far above my understanding.

It is great wisdom, to speak and talke according to understanding with Kings: But to command Kings by a subjected commandment, is not wisdom, unlesse it come from thee. Behold Lord, How shall I therefore ascend into the heavens? The air wlll not carry me, but resisteth my folly, I fall down, for I am of the earth. Therefore, O thou very Light and true Comfort, that canst, and mayst, and dost command the heavens: Behold I offer these Tables unto thee, Command them as it pleaseth thee: and O you Ministers, and true lights of understanding, Governing this earthly frame, and the elements wherein we live, Do for me as for the servant of the Lord: and unto whom it hath pleased the Lord to talk of you.

Behold, Lord, thou hast appointed me 50 times; Thrice 50 times will I lift my hands unto thee. Be it unto me as it pleaseth thee, and thy holy Ministers. I require nothing but thee, and through thee, and for thy honour and glory: But I hope I shall be satisfied, and shall not die, (as thou hast promised) until thou gather the clouds together, and judge all things: when in a moment I shall be changed and dwell with thee for ever. Amen.

Officiant performs the Star Sapphire

Officiant recites the revised Oration to God:

O Almighty, Eternal, True and Living God: O King of Glory: O Lord of Hosts: O Thou, who art Heaven and Earth and all things visible and invisible: we beseech Thee in this our present petition to have mercy and compassion upon us, who, faithfully and sincerely of long time have made suit unto Thy Divine Majesty, that we may obtain true Gnosis and full understanding of Thy Divine Wisdom, Power and Goodness. And whereas it has pleased Thee of Thy infinite Goodness, by Thy faithful and holy Spiritual Messengers, to deliver unto us long since an orderly form and manner of Exercise Angelic: how, to Thy Honor and Glory, and the comfort of our own souls and of others Thy faithful servants, we may at all times use very many of Thy Holy Angels, their counsels and helps: according to the properties of such their functions and offices, as to them, by Thy Divine Power, Wisdom and Goodness is assigned and limited. Therefore, we heartily and faithfully beseech Thy Divine Majesty to further this our present industry and endeavor to Exercise ourselves, according to the aforesaid orderly form and manner. Grant also unto us this blessing and portion of Thy Heavenly Graces: that thou wilt forthwith enable us, make us apt, and acceptable in body, Soul, and Spirit to enjoy always the Holy and friendly conversation, with the sensible, plain, full and perfect help in word and deed of Thy Mighty, Wise and Good Spiritual Messengers and Ministers generally: and namely of Blessed Michael, Blessed Gabriel, Blessed Raphael and Blessed Uriel: and also, especially of all those which do appertain unto the Heptarchical Mystery and the Mystery of the Great Table. Reveal unto us Thy Majestical Glory, now and forever, through Thy Ministers, the true and faithful Angels of Light. AMEN. AMEN. AMEN.

Officiant intones the First Angelic Key in the Angelic language:


Officiant steps on to the talisman and recites the conjuration for Carmara:

O puissant and right Noble King CARMARA and by what name est thou art called, or mayst truly and duly be called: Who in the Heptarchical Doctrine, at Blessed Uriel his hand, didst receive the golden rod of government and measuring, and the chain of Dignity and Doctrine: And didst appear first to us, adorned with a Triple Diadem in a long purple robe. Who saidst: I minister the strength of God unto thee. Likewise, thou saidst: These Mysteries hath God Lastly, and of his great Mercies, granted unto thee. Thou shalt be glutted, yea filled: yea, thou shalt swell and be puffed up, with the perfect Knowledge of God’s Mysteries, in His mercies. And saidst: This Art, is to the further Understanding of all Science, that are past, present, or yet to come. And Immediately, didst say unto me: Kings there are in Nature, with Nature, and above Nature. Thou art Dignified. And saidst, concerning the use of these Tables, This is but the first step: Neither shalt thou practice them in vain: And saidst, thus generally of God’s mercies and Graces on me decreed and bestowed. Whatsoever thou shalt speak, do or work, shall be profitable and acceptable. And the end shall be good.

In the Name of the King of Kings, the Lord of Hosts, the Almighty God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, and of all things visible and invisible: O right Noble King CARMARA, Come now and Appear, with thy Prince and his Ministers, and subjects, to my perfect and sensible eye of Judgment: in a goodly and friendly manner, to my comfort and help, for the advancing of the Honor and Glory of our Almighty God by my service. As much as by thy Wisdom and Power, in thy proper Kingly office and Government, I may be holden and enabled unto: AMEN.

Come, O right Noble King CARMARA I say, Come, AMEN.

Gloria Patri et Matri et Filio et Filiae et Spiritui Sancto externo et Spiritui Sancto interno ut erat est erit in saecula Saeculorum sex in uno per nomen Septem in uno Ararita. AMEN.

Officiant vibrates CARMARA repeatedly, until a strong manifestation of the angel is perceived emanating from the shewstone.

Officiant delivers the charge:

Great and Mighty King CARMARA, I hereby call upon you to open our minds to the Heptarchial system of magick, and empower us to work with all the angels within your domain and under your power. I charge you to accomplish this quickly, perfectly, and completely, that from this point forward all present may call upon the Heptarchial angels for any and all purposes with success. AMEN. So mote it be.

Officiant obtains the assent of the angel before moving on to the License to Depart.

There is a brief pause.

Officiant gives the License to Depart:

You Angel of Light CARMARA, by the power of the True, Almighty, and Living God, I hereby bid you to depart and accomplish your appointed tasks, in the service of my True Will and to the Glory and Honour of our aforementioned True God to whom you owe loyalty and obedience. I hereby free the forces constrained, focused, and directed during this operation, that they may go forth and work their various powers upon the manifest universe, for thus is all True Magick and Perfect Power born. By the power of my True Will here embodied, AMEN. So mote it be.

Officiant steps off of the talisman and closes with the Qabalistic Cross, Star Ruby version. The rite is complete.

This ritual was performed right out of my book on working with the Heptarchia Mystica, Mastering the Mystical Heptarchy, which as far as I know is still the only book out there specifically dedicated to working with the Heptarchial angels. Click here to find out more.

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Anonymous said...

Can you detail the procedure you used to bind the shewstones to the crystal? Thank you.

Scott Stenwick said...

It was pretty informal. I put all the stones in a bag on top of the Sigillum, and then called up Carmara to bind the stones together and attune them for working Heptarchial magick.

Anonymous said...

Way cool! The reason I asked you this is off topic, but I think this can be used for long distance contact - of course, we have internet and phones :)

I'm thinking that it could be possible to bind two or more crystals and then distribute them to other people. Then using our crystal we could scry (probably using Crowley's method with the Aires) in order to see where they are and what they're doing. Kinda like a form of espionage :) I don't know if it would work though, but if it did, I think "paranoid" people could use it on their children or significant other >:)

Scott Stenwick said...

If you create that kind of magical link between the stones - to allow information to pass back and forth - you should be able to get that to work, up to a point. Maybe involving Mercury, for communication? The biggest difficulty, as in a number of other cases, is separating your own thoughts and expectations from what you are actually perceiving.

Anonymous said...

You're right, so I think an Operant Field would be in order before the actual scrying session. Mercury would most likely be perfect, especially now when it's Rx - it would've been even better if it were Rx in Gemini, since it's mostly prank spying :) I'll be giving it some consideration. Thanks!