Friday, October 6, 2017

Updating My Book Links

It's been a while since I've made any major changes to Augoeides. This latest one doesn't necessarily count as major, but I still wanted to call your attention to it. Over on the right sidebar, I have updated the links for my published books so that rather than going directly to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and so forth, they now link to dedicated pages on my author web site with more information on the books. Those pages include links to order copies from all of the various online vendors that sell them, in both print and ebook editions.

I mostly did this because I can't fit full descriptions of my books in the sidebar without taking up way too much space, especially as I add more titles, and it's completely understandable for readers to want to know a little more about what they are buying before clicking on "order" solely based on a title and book cover. Also, having dedicated pages lets me share other information like reviews, links to book trailers, and so forth from a single online location.

So now, when you click on the link or the image for any of my five published books, you will be sent to the book's dedicated page over at my author site:
If you want to support what I'm doing here at Augoeides, buy my books. I went through a period where I hosted ads on the site years ago and hated it. I would much rather support Augoeides with book sales than with some other online revenue scheme that probably will just annoy everyone, myself included. So when you buy my books, you really are supporting my work here on an ongoing basis. I do think that I share a lot of material here for free that is hard to come by elsewhere in the magical community.

One other point - I also have links on the below on the sidebar for the two anthologies that include my articles, Holy Guardian Angel and Liber Spirituum. They both are good books and I encourage you to buy them, but since I was paid up-front for my contributions they don't generate ongoing royalties for me like my other books do. So if you want to buy a book in order to support the site, I recommend that you pick up something else.

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