Wednesday, November 22, 2017

A Flat Earth Reality Show

To answer the question you probably are about to ask, yes, there are apparently people in the world who believe that the Earth is flat. Some of them might be trolling, but apparently at least a few take it seriously. A clever Redditor recently came up with the idea that somebody should produce a reality show in which flat-earthers hunt for the edge of the world. We'd do it for the lulz, naturally.

A number of people online have decided that a TV studio should put their hands in their pockets and shell out to make a show about flat-earthers showing the rest of us where the edge of the world is. You'd probably just need to pay for a boat and camera rental.

The initial idea for finding the edge of the world was pitched on Wednesday by a redditor who is hopefully going places in the entertainment world. After 24 hours the idea already had around 65.7k upvotes - just think of the viewer numbers HBO.

To be fair, some flat-earthers do not believe a flat earth means it has an edge. Some argue there's an infinite earth that carries on in all directions (like standing on a sphere, perhaps). Others think that it is impossible to reach 'the edge' because of an ice wall - like Game of Thrones.

Here's the concept - take your teams to the top of the "ice wall" - you know, the glaciers in Antarctica. Then outfit them with all the gear they need and dogsleds (because dogsleds are funnier than snowmobiles). The first team to reach the other edge of the wall wins. The rest of us could watch as they embark on the 1200 mile trip across the continent... oh, wait, I mean the "ice wall." To be clear, that's a pretty thick wall.

And, of course, the joke is on the winning team, who will arrive at the "edge" and find - more ocean! You know, because Antarctica is a continent and not the edge of some sort of crazy wall. For bonus points, make them navigate by compass so that when they reach the south pole it becomes clear that the only direction they can go is north. That would be funny, too.

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Bethel said...

I saw on a previous comment that you said the "Illuminati" do not exist, or at most you believe that they are a defunct 18th century secret society. If you do not believe they exist what then, do you call the existing power structure of control? Obviously you are a Thelemite, which believes you live by your will, to do your will. All religions seek refuge from something, whether it is the unknown, powerlessness, damnation. So if you believe you need to join a religion that promotes seeking and doing your own will, it must be in response from some controlling factor that is or could be in opposition to your will. It is not god, as I think there is plenty of evidence in whatever religious text that would show that god is not that much of a control freak (Judaism is structured with rules yet God did not meat puppet the people). I do believe there exist some people that try to impose their will on me and on other people. You call using magick shifting the probabilities. They call it, 'doing a tilt'. They seek to use magick and sorcery to accomplish their will on people, at the most basic level by influencing their feelings, gut feel, or intuition. They build power by getting other people to believe in them as a god, using the Bible Psalm 82, "ye are gods". They get other men and women to think or pray to them. Even church help groups like celebrate recovery will shirk the name of Christ, so that when you pray to Christ, they redirect your prayers to a man. They seek to impose their own will on your life for their own gain, to have you in line in their hierarchy. Often their professions are in psychology, teaching, media, sales, in whatever professions that don't require manual labor. Why do you think approximately half of all people drive with their lights on during the daytime, many in older model vehicles that don't automatically shut off. Do I believe these people just miraculously remember to shut off their headlights? No, it is directly showing control. Any Thelemite that drives with their headlights on during the daytime really needs to examine themselves and what they believe in. These people also hate Einstein and the fact that the speed of light is the speed limit for the universe. Another thing, did you notice people raise their hands when you entered into a place? People used to do that all the time when I went somewhere, like they were raising their hands to mark my location. They also used to put their hands in between their legs when talking to another person. I think it had something to do with this painting of Judas:
Notice Judas has his hand raised like he is unclean, and the picture of the demon face over the crotch of the demon.
Finally, in your spiritual incantations, do you ever give the spirits rest? They should work better if you promise them rest. Demons seek mercy, Spirits seek rest. I don't believe the control structure in place lets their spirits rest.

Scott Stenwick said...

This is kind of all over the place, but I will do my best to respond to as many points as I can.

Obviously there are control structures in the world. My point there is twofold - first of all, basically all the ideas about "The Illuminati" as passed around by fundamentalist Christians are basically made up. Much of it is from the Robert Anton Wilson/Robert Shea Illuminatus! trilogy, which is fiction. The rest is a bunch of nonsense about "Satanic" practices that have been entirely debunked and don't even make sense as magical operations. Second, the people in control of the world and the world's economy are not occultists. Most of them don't even believe magick exists. Some of them may have magical aptitude and use it to get things done in isolated situations, but for the most part none of them have anything to do with it.

The Gnostics called those who maintain the world's control structures Archons, Greek for "rulers." It seems to me that's a better term since it carries a lot less baggage. They pretty much can't not exist, since in any hierarchy somebody has to be at the top. So I'm not denying that, and if that's how you read my comments it's not how they were meant.

I'm a Thelemite because of what I am looking for - greater comprehension of my will and how to use it to improve my life. I don't define myself by what I'm against, but rather by what I'm for.

My car has automatic lights, and most cars do these days. Safety training says that it's better to have lights on, even during the day, because your car is more visible. Is that the control structure exerting control? Sure it is - somebody wrote those training courses. At the same time, the underlying fact might still be correct.

Seeing as belief doesn't power magick, you can't gain magical power by getting people to believe in you. That's a Neil Gaiman story, not real life. It's also the sort of thing I'm talking about - allegedly "occult" practices that don't even make sense as magical rituals. There may be people out there who believe it, but they are as wrong as if they were trying to use incantations like in Harry Potter (which, to be clear, don't work either).

Influencing peoples' thoughts and emotions? Sure, the control structure does that. It's called "advertising" and there's nothing occult about it. These days it's basically the science of how to manipulate people into buying things. That's what the people controlling the world care about more than anything else - money. They're not occultists, they're finance douchebags. And because of that, I think calling them "The Illuminati" is just plain silly because it makes them sound deep and sinister when really, people who are entirely focused on money are some of the shallowest people out there.

I don't keep my spirits working all the time, no. So I guess that means I do let them rest. I can see where keeping them working nonstop could lead to problems. But I also doubt that the finance douchebags out there even have spirits to work, unless you're talking about assistants or interns. I'll bet they don't let THEM rest.

Bethel said...

Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to me.
My framework for thinking about them is that the people in control of the wealth are not necessarily those who use the magick. Take Elon Musk for example. I believe if he was rational, he would not be spending his life trying to colonize Mars, instead he would first be spending his time and resources to extend his potential lifespan, then concentrate on colonizing Mars. Spending his resources on terraforming Mars without life extension, it is doubtful he would live to see the fruits of his investment. It seems that either through intelligence, luck or shrewdness the wealthy have been able to navigate the framework of the control structure to gain approval of the Archons. They may not use specific magick incantations, but they may use scripting or mind melding, that is combining minds with another individual to gain higher intelligence and greater insight.

Do you ever remember conversations that you were not necessarily meant to remember? Those conversations that you are not necessarily supposed to remember are where the scripting takes place. They use that to try to shape the future but it doesn't always work like they want it to. If you confront them about it, they usually say they really don't remember the conversation at all.

I don't read about the "Illuminati" and I have never read any of those authors you mentioned. My knowledge comes just from experience. Most of the ones I have met have been somewhat involved in church and are usually small business owners. Usually they have really crappy business models but manage to get by without too much competition even though the barriers to enter their business are pretty low. Their backstory is how messy their life used to be but then at some point it suddenly all came together.

The influence that I am talking about on feelings, gut feel and intuition most often manifests not in advertising but in interpersonal relationships. Are people generally drawn to you, or are they repulsed or indifferent? Do your friends call you up asking to do something, or are you usually the one who has to call them? Are women naturally attracted to you or do they not notice you at all? Is a salesman's pitch successful or does it fall on deaf ears? This is where the power structure lies, in being able to draw people to you.


Bethel said...

Some of what I believe are the effects they have had on me are health related but I don't believe are from natural causes but from metaphysical effects: I had a guy tell me in one of those conversations in darkness that one day a wasp would sting me on my back- it did and at times I get a buzzing feeling on my back where the sting happened. I feel pricks on my beard, my ear canal at times feels like the circulation is cut off and then restored; after I refused to tell a finance douchebag how much we sold a house for, I got clicking and popping in my ears after he related how his niece died in a diving accident. (I don't believe the man himself did it, but I do believe the spirits of these Archons do act through people almost as doors and windows. That is another thing they corrupt from the bible: His name is the Lord of Hosts, so they use other people as hosts for their spirits.) Every time I touch my crotch whether to scratch myself or other things, I feel a tingling on the right side of my torso- what you don't approve of me touching myself there? I used to have twitches and facial itches, too. Of these the chronic ear popping and clicking is the worst. For some reason the ear clicking and popping also reminds me of two girls I used to know. It is like a tilt on me for remembering them. Chronic illness really is a living Hell. No one chose to exist and through no fault of their own they have to suffer through it. I really do believe in the existence of Hell more so than the existence of Heaven. I am sorry if that is offensive to you. And ultimately this is why I hate the control structure in place in the world. It is intolerable. I also believe it has to pass away for Babalon to wax stronger.

What did you make of the Mandalay Bay shooting? Did you hear the account of the woman in the crowd who was screaming, "You're all gonna die!"? I believe she was soul popped by an angel who foresaw what was going to take place. It would also not be surprising if Steven Paddock was demonically influenced or possessed. I saw somewhere he used to wake during the night screaming. I used to date a girl who would get soul popped. People would ask me, "Does it ever seem like she is not exactly herself to you?" This is another way they use people as doors and windows for their spirits. I also knew a girl in high school who believed she was a descendant of Peter the Apostle, although I can also vouch that she had a Banshee that I would at times hear screaming in my ears in that time between sleeping and waking. How does one reconcile having a Banshee but being descended from Peter?

Before I started talking to you, when I would close my eyes and rub my eyes, I would see white flickers in the darkness. Those are gone now, so I regard that as a positive.

You never told me what you thought of the hand raising and crotch grabbing and if or how it relates to the Canavesio painting of the Hanging of Judas? There are other things I have observed like vehicle color distributions being way off from Gaussian distributions. Lastly, safety is one thing but where I live people have even been driving riding lawn mowers out in vivid daylight with their lights on where there are no shadows and well out of the range of oncoming traffic. They aren't as blatant about it as they were, but still, it is ridiculous. Thank you for taking the time; I hope you are well and have had a great day.

Scott Stenwick said...

I would agree with you on the point that most of the very wealthy don't use magick. The thing is, the people who are currently really in control of our society are the people who have the money.

I'm not sure Elon Musk is nearly as smart as a lot of people make him out to be. For example, he believes that a ridiculous statistical argument "proves" that we are much more likely to live in a simulated world than a real one. The argument is the exact same thing as gambler's fallacy to anyone who understands statistics, which is a pretty basic cognitive flaw.

I have a very good memory so I basically remember everything I pay attention to. So I can't say that I've ever experienced anything that I'm "not meant to remember." I'm not sure what that means anyway. I'm also very resistant to hypnosis - nothing to do with magical practice, I've been that way since I was a kid.

Now see, I know that from personal experience too. A lot of small business people use magick of some sort. Without a decent financial strategy, magick alone isn't powerful enough to make their businesses really successful. But it can keep them afloat a lot longer than you might expect.

So that's what we magicians call "glamour." It's a simple form of mind influence. I don't say "control" because again, it's not that powerful - but it does exist. Most experienced practitioners can turn it on and off depending on the situation.

Honestly, a lot of what you're describing there healthwise sounds a little paranoid to me. Not the symptoms, but the meaning you ascribe to them. Even if they do have a metaphysical source, there are all sorts of things it could be - even something simple as a pissed-off spirit following you around that has nothing to do with Archons or anything else.

I don't think a person needs to be possessed to have psychic intuition - between about one person in thirty and one person in fifty has legitimately useful psychic abilities, and there were how many people total in that crowd? As for Paddock, there's a fine line between possession and mental illness. Either could have explained his behavior, and the screaming and everything.

I've never seen anything like the hand-raising thing. I know what you're talking about from the Bible, but I can't say it's relevant to my experience. And just as a point, vehicle color distributions ARE way off from Gaussian distributions because people like certain colors better than others. You can see that in any basic market analysis, and there's nothing mysterious about it. True Gaussians only show up in purely random distributions, which car color is not because personal preferences are involved whenever anybody orders a new car.

And as for lights on when you don't need them, I'll go so far as to agree that people on the whole tend to be dumb. But I have a hard time ascribing anything more sinister to it than that.

Bethel said...

You're right, Scott! Vehicle color distributions are different from Gaussian distributions, (you're a pretty smart guy!) but still there is what is a normal distribution separate from what is an abnormal distribution specifically noticed in frequency of vehicle color pairings. Here is something I wrote at the time:

"Some examples of the latest changes in vehicle color distribution are noticing 3+ sets of black immediately followed (NASCAR close!) by white cars. I've never rear ended anyone, so I don't see this as a judgement against me. Also a red followed by a black (or vice versa) and lots of blue followed by white cars, as well."

At the time, I noticed way more fire engine red and plain white (not less intense shades of white) colored cars, too from what would be normal. They would often follow right behind each other too. It was really strange and location based. If I went to a large city, it would go away. In smaller towns nearer to me, it was around me. It is gone now, though.

As for the conversations in darkness, scripting, at times it can get somewhat like hypnosis but more off the rails and wildly into the subconscious. It is probably good you don't have experience with that.

I think the hand raising thing was probably more local to me, too. It still happens every once in a while.

Bethel said...

Now for something a little different:

Do what thou wilt is the whole of the Law. Love is the Law. Love under Will.

If love is the Law, then 'Love under Will' should instead be 'Will under Love'. As Love is Agape, Will under Love restrains Will for the sake of Love: the Love that your True Will will not interfere with another's will. So either there is a mistake, OR

Do what thou wilt is the whole of the Law. If Will is the whole of the Law, then Will is the Law. Yet Love is the Law. Then 'Love under Will' means Will is greater than the Law. If Love is the Law, yet Will transcends the Law; people, rulers, kings, queens, are all beholden to the Law. However God transcends the Law. If Will transcends the Law then your True Will must be as the Will of God.

I have seen Luciferans, Satanists whatever you want to call them, co-opt the Thelema axioms, yet if we call them Luciferans they are serving a mere angel. If we call them Satanist, Satan means adversary, then they are worshipping their own adversary. They put themselves under Lucifer/Satan but they expect to achieve their True Will- Will which transcends the Law? An interesting thing about the Quran, is in the Quran, Iblis, that is Satan in the form of a Jinn, was thrown out of Paradise because he refused to bow to Adam. "I am not the one to prostrate myself to a human being, whom you created from ... clay..." The same story is also found in earlier apocryphal works from Jews and Christians.
It is an interesting article.

So instead of putting oneself below an angel, if you have power to summon spirits and angels, and since Will transcends Law as God transcends the Law, you must therefore be as a god. As God, one does not need to make food offerings to gods. I see the Hekate Supper and food offering coming up. How does one know that spirits are not just masquerading as Hekate. This is something that disappoints me with Thelema. The cornerstones of Thelema are regarded as the Beast and Whore of Babalon. But what about the Dragon? Like Christians believe to follow and live as Christ, shouldn't Thelemites believe and follow like the Dragon, and believe that they, too are as God? You are as God. Even the Serpent agreed in the Garden, ("You will not surely die") For God knows that when you eat of the fruit your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God." The Hebrew Kabbalah holds importance with Thelemites. Why not Psalm 82:

God has taken his place in the divine council;
in the midst of the gods he holds judgment:
“How long will you judge unjustly
and show partiality to the wicked? Selah
Give justice to the weak and the fatherless;
maintain the right of the afflicted and the destitute.
Rescue the weak and the needy;
deliver them from the hand of the wicked.”

They have neither knowledge nor understanding,
they walk about in darkness;
all the foundations of the earth are shaken.

I said, “You are gods,
sons of the Most High, all of you;
nevertheless, like men you shall die,
and fall like any prince.”

Arise, O God, judge the earth;
for you shall inherit all the nations!

Plain paganism has a long, long history of failure. I believe for Thelema to succeed and take root and ultimately to be true Thelema, its practitioners will have to see themselves as gods, just don't force others to think about or worship you as that may interfere with their own True Will.

Scott Stenwick said...

Since I do not have any hard data on the car color thing, I really do not have a lot to add there. I will say that (A) there's this thing where you get a certain kind of car and suddenly start seeing them everywhere. That's been shown to be pareidolia, your mind creating patterns where there really are none. Your mind is just primed to notice the model of car that you drive. Also, (B) people with magical aptitude tend to create synchronicities by focusing their thoughts on particular things. My guess is that you're probably running into a combination of both of those, rather than anything sinister. What possible function would putting the color of cars in particular orders serve?

As far as Thelema goes, your whole approach there is way off. Thelema is not a literal religion like Christianity, so the exact wording of phrases from The Book of the Law is not treated like fundamentalist do with scriptures. Christianity is Thelema's direct ancestor, but again we don't put a lot of literal emphasis on the specific wording of Biblical passages. Some of Thelemic cosmology is based on a reworking of the Revelation of St. John, but again, literalism is not something we spend a lot of time worrying about.

Your conclusion is correct, though. When the Book of the Law says "there is no god but man," "every man and every woman is a star," and so forth mean, in my opinion. I don't "worship" anything in the Christian sense besides my own personal divinity. And yes, I do think that for me to "worship" another person or spiritual entity in that sense would be unthelemic at best.

But those are just my opinions. Thelema does not have overarching dogma the way institutional religions do. Instead, we all are expected to study the holy books and make up our own minds about what they mean. So if you posed those questions to a different Thelemite, you probably would get a different answer.