Sunday, August 19, 2018

Enochian Master Class Now Available!

Back in April I participated in this Seven Day Enochian Master Class organized by Jason Augustus Newcomb. I am pleased to announce that this class now has a permanent home, and you can sign up and take it any time you would like. The link to sign up is here, or you can just click on the image above.

Assembled here are some of the greatest living practitioners and thinkers on the subjects of Enochian Magick. All of these teachers have strong personal opinions, strong track records of practical work, and strong research into the history and practices of occultism in general.

In today's world, what often passes for occult teachings is from people with little or any practical knowledge of what they go on and on about on YouTube or other social media. This is not going to be the imaginings of dreamers or charlatans but rather the intimate experiences of those who have walked these paths for decades.

You are going to get an intimate view of how these practitioners approach these practices in a way that will enrich you and empower to move forward in the best way for you! You are not going to see one point of view here, but rather the unvarnished opinions of a bunch of different magical viewpoints about these magical systems.

In this video class you will hear from myself, Jason Augustus Newcomb, and Aaron Leitch with our thoughts on the Enochian system. You can see where we agree, where we disagree, and what our perspectives are on how the system works and what it can be used to accomplish. The videos are a little raw because they were recorded live without editing, but that also gives them a sense of immediacy that you won't find in more polished presentations.

These are the only video presentations on Enochian that I have done to date, so this is a unique opportunity to hear my thoughts and experiences presented in this format. By signing up and taking the class you will also be helping to support the rest of my work here on Augoeides, and if you come away from the class with questions feel free to ask them on my Enochian Magick Forum page.

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