Friday, April 26, 2019

Copenhagen Qabalah

I am sharing this for two reasons. First, because I want to make a record of the website archive link so I don't have to look it up every time I want to refer back to it, and second, because the material here had a lot of influence on the original magical practices that we developed for the magical working group. The website in question is Copenhagen Qabalah, which if you never heard of it or never saw it when it was up you should at least check it out. The site went down a while ago, but I managed to find the archive link that is included above. So I'm posting it here for reference.

In particular, the Copenhagen material had a lot of influence on how we did pathworking, which was one of the earliest practices that we did as a group. That in turn influenced how the "Rites of Approach" in my Path of Initiation articles work along with material from the Aurum Solis, Golden Dawn, and other practitioners. While I don't necessarily agree with every point on the site, I think if you compare it with what I have presented here on Augoeides it should be easy to track the various influences.

I posted our basic pathworking methodology here and here. What the Copenhagen material adds is the basic structure of the entire operation, in which you start at the bottom of the Tree of Life and work upwards. The sephiroth are visualized as "temples" containing the various aspects with which they are associated, and the paths are visualized as outdoor "landscapes" made up of elements from the corresponding Tarot card. To get to a path, you always begin in your "Temple of Malkuth" and navigate through the paths and sephiroth to get to your destination.

This practice (1) develops the body of light, (2) prepares you for more involved work with the "travel in the spirit vision" method employed by the original Golden Dawn and its successors, and (3) builds up a comprehensive "astral temple" that you can use for all sorts of operations that don't require an elaborate physical temple space. Using the operant field with this technique also allows you to do practical workings on the astral that will propagate effectively to the material plane. Microcosmically, it aligns the Tree of Life with your aura or field of consciousness, another key practice involving Magical Qabalah.

So this is a great resource for any aspiring modern magician working with the Golden Dawn or Thelemic system. I and my working group got a lot out of it, and I expect if you work with it your results will be good as well.

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Anonymous said...

They got the color scale of the path of Jupiter wrong, that's for sure :) Joking aside, this site was of great help for me in my beginner days and I'm glad you found it again! It seems that i for one can't access that link since yesterday, so the site could be acting up again :(

Scott Stenwick said...

I think that is supposed to be violet, which is correct, but all the colors look a little lighter than they should be.

And the link worked when I checked it right now.

Anonymous said...

For some reason it shows up crimson-ish on my phone. Link working again, so i guess it was an issue with the servers here.

This is off topic, but since we're on a page related post I'm asking for some pro tips on how to start a blog like yours, should you wish to provide them :)

Thank you!

Scott Stenwick said...

It looks crimson-y on my desktop too, but I think it is an issue with the color saturation for the whole image. Jupiter and Aquarius, which are both violet, are rendered the same. Pisces, which is supposed to be crimson, is a slightly darker red than Mars and Aries, but only by a shade. They look way closer than they are supposed to be. Likewise, my guess is that the violet is over-saturated with red.

I don't know that I have a system or tips, really. Write about stuff that interests you. Augoeides is on blogger and my author blog is on WordPress. For a simple blog I like blogger better because it's easier, though the advantage with WordPress is that I think the themes they have look a little more professional. Also, you have a lot more options for pages on WordPress if you want to make your blog more like a website.

Beyond that, what else would you like to know?

Anonymous said...

I think you're right. I've manage to spot difference between tones after I played with the screen settings a little.

Well I like blogger because it's indeed simple, even for me :) I think I managed to get it going and I even posted two articles so far, but I can't find it if I search for it on Google. I don't know if there's a setting for making it appear to public or not.

I hope you won't mind me adding the link to it here, but I only want a confirmation it's working - feel free to delete this comment aftewards if you don't want the link to it posted here:

Scott Stenwick said...

Looks nice! And I have no problem whatsoever with the link being posted here.

Alex Scaraoschi said...

Thank you. It seems to be working. And again, thank you :)