Saturday, May 18, 2019

Boleskine House Has Been Sold

Boleskine House, Aleister Crowley's former home on the shores of Loch Ness in Scotland, has been sold. Back in 2015 a fire believed to have started in the kitchen burned down much of the structure, leaving behind the remains shown in the image above. The site was placed on the market several months ago.

The former Highland home of occultist Aleister Crowley that was largely destroyed by fire four years ago has been sold. The new owners of Boleskine House near Loch Ness will be hoping for a new peaceful chapter in the property's story with it understood the house is to become home to a charitable foundation and opened up to the public.

Those who have bought the property have not been named but they plan to fully restore the house where Crowley centred his black magic investigations after he bought it, aged 25, in 1899. It was later bought by Led Zeppelin founder and guitarist Jimmy Page in the 1970s with the rock god owning the "most notorious home in the Highlands" for around 20 years.

As a point, describing the Abramelin operation as "black magic" is not very accurate, but that's to be expected. Crowley has never really gotten a fair shake in British media.

A blaze in 2015 caused extensive damage to Boleskine House with the fragile building now a danger to the public. It has long drawn those curious in the occult but the new owners have urged people to stay away until the house is fully repaired and restored to a safe state.

The new buyers have remained anonymous so far, but I imagine that they are likely Thelemites or at least occultists of some flavor with an interest in Crowley's work. Fixing up the site and opening it to the public is a great idea, and as I mentioned to a commenter here on Augoeides, if I was rich enough to afford buying the place and repairing the damage I might have done something similar.

Best wishes to the new owners, and I look forward to someday being able to visit.

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