Monday, January 13, 2020

Integrating the Headless Rite - Jupiter

Lately I have been experimenting with adapting some techniques from the PGM into my ritual templates. This ritual is an example - incorporating the well-known Headless Rite into a Jupiter operation for finding employment. For whatever reason, I seem to be very, very good at job spells and not nearly as good at spells for success in business. So I figured that I would play to my strength here, and besides, I know several people who happen to be looking for jobs at the moment who I think could benefit from a rite like this. The basic formula should be easy to adapted to any of my other operations in the same manner as shown here.

One of the things I've done with this version that's a little different from what a lot of people do when modified this ritual for modern use is that I have left in most of the original exorcism structure. The idea is this: not only does the caster use the Headless Rite as a preliminary invocation during which they identify with the divine in the form of the Headless One, they also use it to simultaneously exorcise the target of hindrances and obstacles that may impede the goal of the rite. This is similar to idea of banishing before you invoke, and whatever traditional PGM practitioners think about mash-ups like this, the hope is that the exorcism component will help to deal with "sticky" problems for which more straightforward magical operations have failed or have been less effective than desired.

Ideally the setup for this should be some sort of containment structure in which the subject can sit or stand, or barring that they should be placed in the center of the temple and the caster or casters should them perform the rite around them. I generally use the Enochian Holy Table for this, with legs removed and placed on the floor. But other structures and configurations are certainly possible.

This is an explicitly Thelemic ritual, employing the Star Ruby and Star Sapphire along with the Prayer of the Aeon and a "Thelemicized" version of some of the Headless Rite text - though the version here is much closer to the PGM original than is Liber Samekh. Like my Planetary Work - Jupiter post, it then calls upon the angel, intelligence, and spirit of the Path of Kaph, attributed to Jupiter and the Fortune card in the Tarot.

I. Opening

Officiant performs the Star Ruby. All rotate accordingly.

Officiant: We take refuge in Nuit, the blue-lidded daughter of sunset, the naked brilliance of the voluptuous night sky, as we issue the call to the awakened nature of all beings, for every man and every woman is a star.


Officiant: We take refuge in Hadit, the secret flame that burns in every heart of man and in the core of every star, as we issue the call to our own awakened natures, arousing the coiled serpent about to spring.


Officiant: We take refuge in Heru-Ra-Ha, who wields the wand of double power, the wand of the force of Coph Nia, but whose left hand is empty for he has crushed an universe and naught remains, as we unite our awakened natures with those of all beings everywhere and everywhen, dissolving all obstacles and healing all suffering.


Officiant: For pure will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result, is every way perfect.

All: All is pure and present are and has always been so, for existence is pure joy; all the sorrows are but as shadows; they pass and done; but there is that which remains. To this realization we commit ourselves – pure and total presence. So mote it be.

Bell Chime.

II. The Magical Field

Officiant performs the Star Sapphire, with the Rose Cross traced over the subject of the rite. All rotate accordingly.

All: Now I begin to pray, thou child,
Holy thy name and undefiled.
Thy reign is come, thy will is done,
Here is the bread, here is the blood,
Bring me through midnight to the Sun.
Save me from evil and from good
That thy one crown of all the ten
Even now and here be mine.

Bell Chime.

III. Exorcism and Preliminary Invocation

Officiant faces Boleskine and recites this adapted version of the Headless Rite (adapted from the PGM Stele of Jeu).

I summon you, Headless One
Who created Heaven and Earth
Who created Night and Day
Who created Light and Darkness.

Whom none has ever seen
You are IABAS, you are IAPOS.

You have distinguished the Just and the Unjust
You have made Female and Male
You have revealed seed and fruits
You have made men to love each other and hate each other.

I am
[Your Magical Name] your Prophet
To whom you have transmitted your Mysteries, the Ceremonies of Thelema
You have revealed the Moist and the Dry and all Nourishment
Hear me.

I am Aiwass the Minister of Hoor Paar Kraat
This is your True Name handed down to the Prophets of Thelema
Hear me.


Listen to me and turn away these Daimons.

I call upon you, awesome and invisible god with an empty spirit.


Holy Headless One, deliver
[Target Name]
From all Daimons which restrain them,
From unfavorable planets and stars, from unlucky days,
From all enemies, hindrances, and obstacles.


Mighty Headless One, deliver
[Target Name]
From all Daimons which restrain them,
From unfavorable planets and stars, from unlucky days,
From enemies, hindrances, and obstacles.


[Target Name]
From all Daimons which restrain them,
From unfavorable planets and stars, from unlucky days,
From enemies, hindrances, and obstacles.


He is the Lord of the Gods
He is the Lord of the Inhabited World
He is the one whom the Winds fear
He is the one who made all things by the command of his Voice

Lord, King, Master, Helper – save the Soul


Immediately, immediately, good messenger of God


I am the Headless Daimon with my Sight in my Feet
I am the mighty one who possesses the Eternal Fire
I am the Truth, who hates the fact that unjust deeds are done in the world
I am the one who makes the Lightning flash and Thunder roll
I am the one whose sweat falls upon the Earth as Rain so it can inseminate it
I am the one whose mouth burns completely
I am the one who begets and destroys
I am the favor of Aion
My name is a Heart encircled by a Serpent
Come forth and follow.


Subject to me all Daimones so that every Daimon whether Heavenly or Aerial or Earthly or Subterrranean or Terrestrial or Aquatic might be obedient to me and every enchantment and scourge which is from God.

IV. Tuning the Space

Officiant returns to face east and performs the Greater Invoking Ritual of the Hexagram for the Path of Jupiter. The Hexagram of Jupiter is traced in violet with ARARITA followed by the symbol in slightly greenish yellow with godname ABA. Officiant then recites the Orphic Hymn to Jupiter.

O Jove much-honor'd, Jove supremely great,
To thee our holy rites we consecrate,
Our pray'rs and expiations, king divine,
For all things round thy head exalted shine.
The earth is thine, and mountains swelling high,
The sea profound, and all within the sky.
Saturnian king, descending from above,
Magnanimous, commanding, sceptred Jove;
All-parent, principle and end of all,
Whose pow'r almighty, shakes this earthly ball;
Ev'n Nature trembles at thy mighty nod,
Loud-sounding, arm'd with light'ning, thund'ring God.
Source of abundance, purifying king,
O various-form'd from whom all natures spring;
Propitious hear my pray'r, give blameless health,
With peace divine, and necessary wealth.

Bell Chime.

V. The Conjuration

Officiant: SACHIEL, SACHIEL, SACHIEL, SACHIEL (sash-ee-EL). Come unto me, great and mighty angel of TZEDEQ (tzeh-DEK), by the name of the great god ABA (ah-BAH). Send unto me JOPHIEL (joh-fee-EL), that great intelligence of thine, that he may answer my behest.

Pause until the presence of Sachiel is perceived. If you don’t feel anything or see anything, wait a minute or so before continuing.

JOPHIEL, JOPHIEL, JOPHIEL, JOPHIEL (joh-fee-EL). Come unto me, thou bright intelligence of TZEDEQ (tzeh-DEK), and answer my behest. In the name of SACHIEL (sash-ee-EL) thy lord, compel the spirit HISMAEL (his-may-EL) who is under thy dominion to manifest within this Table of Art.

Pause until the presence of Jophiel is perceived. If you don’t feel anything or see anything, wait a minute or so before continuing.

HISMAEL, HISMAEL, HISMAEL, HISMAEL (his-may-EL). Come unto me, mighty spirit of TZEDEQ (tzeh-DEK), and make manifest my behest. In the name of JOPHIEL (joh-fee-EL) thy lord, come forth within this Table of Art that thou mayst wield the powers of KAPH (KAHF), the path of the planet Jupiter.

At this point, all present vibrate the names SACHIEL, JOPHIEL, and HISMAEL repeatedly until the presence of the angel and spirits of Jupiter is perceived within the Table of Art. Various methods may be used to accomplish this. For a group ritual it is helpful for the officiant or scryer to have a bell chime that can be rung once a presence is perceived. At the bell chime, the chant stops.

VI. The Charge

Officiant: SACHIEL, JOPHIEL, HISMAEL, by the name ABA I hereby charge you with obtaining employment in harmony with
[Target Name]'s will, and which will remain in harmony with [Target Name]'s will.

Other criteria for said employment may be added here as desired. Then:

By the name ABA, I hereby charge you to accomplish this by the name ABA.
By the name ABA, AMEN.

All: So mote it be.

Officiant makes an offering to the spirits.

Officiant: Glorious and Mighty SACHIEL, JOPHIEL, and HISMAEL, we make this offering unto you, that it may nourish and fortify you as you attend to your appointed task.

All: So mote it be.

VII. The License to Depart

Officiant: Glorious and Mighty SACHIEL, JOPHIEL, and HISMAEL, because thou hast-diligently answered unto my demands, and hast been very ready and willing to come at my call, I do hereby license thee to depart unto thy proper place, without causing harm or danger unto man or beast by the name ABA. I charge thee to withdraw peaceably and quietly with the blessings of the great god ABA, and that peace be ever continued between us.

All: So mote it be!

VIII. Closing

Officiant: May Life, Light, Love, and Liberty be extended universally to all under the regency of the one law of Thelema. May all attain the Stone of the Wise, the Summum Bonum, True Wisdom and Perfect Happiness.

All: May the benefit of this act and all acts be dedicated unto the complete liberation and supreme enlightenment of all beings everywhere, pervading space and time. So mote it be. May the benefits of practice, ours and others’, come to fruition ultimately and immediately and we remain in a state of presence. AH!

Officiant performs the Star Ruby. The rite is ended.

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javier said...

Hi Scott ¡¡¡

I personally am going to try, I really like those phrases, in which you ask the Unborn to act against Daimones etc. that if I prefer to make the ritual shorter and more direct, above the practice table, I would draw Jupiter's hexagram (in this caseI no longer use the major ritual of jupiter if it is for material purposes ) and call the Entities as you do them - it is very powerful.

Scott Stenwick said...

We tried it for the first time last night and it felt pretty effective when I cast it. Now I just have to wait and see if the result manifests as directed, which is supposed to be accomplished within the next month.

javier said...

Hi Scott
you do not accompany the rite with a time limit - maybe 20 days or something like that - the truth is increasingly clear that this is very necessary to observe how the ritual process takes place.
On the other hand, I will use the rite of the unborn tl as Poke Runyon describes it - without barbaric words - but if I add your phrases to eliminate blockages etc ... I recognize that it grants you great magical power
the angel-intelligence-spirit also seems fantastic to me, umm the angelic choir belongs to Yetzirah (Chasmalin for jupiter) could be invoked before Intelligence to lead the force in Yezirah and bring balance to the operation, although it does not seem strictly necessary

Scott Stenwick said...

When I performed this ritual I included the time limit that it be accomplished within one month - in fact, it already worked and took about a week. I recommend that time limits be included with charges as a general rule, because as you say they are quite useful for multiple reasons.

You could go ahead and add the angelic choir in addition to angel/intelligence/spirit. I have done planetary operations including them in the past, but I generally don't include them these days because I found that it didn't seem to make much difference in terms of results. But as always, feel free to experiment!

javier said...


I'm glad with your result Scott, certainly that prayer you included gives a lot of strength to the rite.
I have apparently obtained an important success but in this case working with spirits from the area of the earth (they appear in magical evocation of Franz Bardon) in this case the NASI (Taurus) spirit in this case the names are Adonay ha arets, Sandalphon by to be spirits connected to Malkuth, the evocative phases follow that pattern.
What I have seen is that when I turn to the NORTH the rites the results are much better.
I use the Tritemium triangle with Rafael-este, Mikael-Sur etc and always kept it to the East, but I have seen that it can point to the direction you need, regardless of what names are in the triangle.
I think that working with spirits like the 365 of the Earth or another that appear on that list can be extremely interesting.
Enviar comentarios

Scott Stenwick said...

It makes sense that doing an Earth ritual facing north would work better. That's a general rule - if you are working with spirits that are associated with a particular direction, pointing your triangle in that direction for the conjuration and facing that way yourself will usually give a better result.