Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Ritual Night Talk for June 16th

Here is the video of last night's Ritual Night Talk. In this installment I talk some more about the Holy Guardian Angel and start in on Liber Samekh. I'll be going into more depth on Liber Samekh next week.

Here are some links I included with the video:

The Path of Initiation - The Holy Guardian Angel
The Headless Rite from The Digital Ambler
Liber Samekh from

Aleister Crowley's conception of the Holy Guardian Angel is one of the hallmarks of Thelemic magick, and Liber Samekh is the ritual that he wrote to obtain and stabilize knowledge and conversation with this entity. The ritual is based on the much older Stele of Jeu or Headless Rite from the Greek Magical Papyri.

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