Tuesday, October 13, 2020

So Obama Conjured That Fly?

So I'm posting about Mike Pence's effing fly again. Yeah, there were more important takeaways from the Vice Presidential Debate. I just had to share potato soup pusher Jim Bakker's take on what was really a pretty innocuous event. Flies are all over the place, and they do land on politicians every so often. But according to Bakker, the fly was sent by "Obama’s demonic witch doctor army," which combines racism, religious bigotry, and rank stupidity in a single sentence.

“My Chrisitan discernment tells me that that was no ordinary fly,” said Bakker in an online video. “It was a spy sent by Obama’s demonic witch doctor army to distract Pence because he was soundly beating Harris.” However, Bakker, who was jailed in the ‘80s for corruption, is infamous for making ridiculous statements. Last month he accused Joe Biden supporters of backing Satanism.

“A lot of people that are voting this week… the next few weeks… they’re voting for their faith, and their faith is Satan worship… So if they vote their faith, we need a lot of Christians to vote more so,” said Bakker in a video posted to Twitter. However, the fly became an online celebrity overnight. Several memes sprung up to commemorate the fly’s debate appearance. The Biden campaign got in on the fun by selling branded fly swatters.

“Within minutes of the debate wrapping up Wednesday, the Biden campaign tweeted a photo of Joe Biden with a fly swatter and a caption that said, ‘Pitch in $5 to help this campaign fly,’” said CNN. And unlike Bakker, most viewers stated that Harris won the debate.

Idiots like Bakker are one of the reasons that we see so much polarization in American politics. People on the other side of the political aisle from him can't just be people who he disagrees with, they have to be "Satan worshippers" with "demonic armies." The fact is that there aren't enough Satanists (or even occultisist of all stripes) in the entire country to swing a single state Democratic, let alone make up the entire Democratic electorate.

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