Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Ritual Night Talk for March 9th

Here is the video of yesterday's Ritual Night Talk on Magick, Psychoanalysis, and Consciousness. The donation link is here. The post I mention in the talk on "Psychoanalysis - Science or Pseudoscience?" is here and the article I mention summarizing the quantum information model is here. I also included a link to yesterday's post on support for the quantum information model, which you can find here or just by scrolling down to the previous post.

To wrap up the conversation on psychoanalysis and magick, I wanted to be clear that even though I have issues with the scientific validity of the psychoanalytic model, I'm not down on anyone getting psychotherapy or working with the therapist of their choice. Models aside, we've known since the 1950s that some therapists are just shockingly better than others and the biggest variable there seems to be their individual personalities. I also invite anyone to check out both last week's article critiquing Freud along with the one I included with this video. They outline my objections to the theory with much greater detail and precision than I did last week.

Moving on from the psychoanalysis conversation, there continues to be movement on the consciousness research front. So in the second part of this video, I compare and contrast how modern models of consciousness suggest that we do magick with how magicians of the last century tried to shoehorn magick into the psychoanalytic model. The process turns out to be simpler and a lot less mysterious than you might think. I expect that once we get past the hard problem of consciousness and develop a "consciousness measure" of some sort, we should be able to build an accurate and comprehensive model of magick pretty quickly.


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