Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Ritual Night Talk for July 27th

Here is the video of Tuesday's Ritual Night Talk, on visualization and scrying. The link to the brain machine article is here and the donation link is here.

A lot of beginning magicians have questions about visualization, and some of those questions are rooted in misunderstandings. For example, students sometimes assume that magical visualizations have to be as clear, detailed, and intense as images in movies or on television, and usually only the very best visualizers ever get close to that. Likewise, some teachers emphasize visual scrying to the exclusion of any other spirit perception and/or communication method. In fact, interaction with spirits is accomplished by means of our psychic senses, which in many people map onto senses other than vision.


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Alex Scaraoschi said...

Hope you won't mind me adding this video here

Also, having watched this video the following came to me: senses are linked to the elements - the 4+1 elements out there. I wonder if the way psychic senses are more or less predominant in people might have something to do with how things in each individual natal chart are placed.

For example, you said it's easier for you to feel the presence of spirits and you were showing that thing you do with your hands during elixir rites. In my case I just feel a wall or wave of energy hitting me at the moment the spirit arrives, but I think it can safely be categorized as "tactile" sensation nonetheless. I don't know about you, but I do have several placements in Earth signs so that might explain this in my case.

Additionally, when I talk to spirits (hearing is related to Spirit element for all those interested) I noticed this ability improving the more I called on them, just like you said it. Now I'm not Edward Kelley and my ability to "talk" to spirits in my mind has stopped at a certain level, but in the beginning I went from no ability to "hear" spirits to hearing a few words to hearing more and more actual phrases, the more I performed spirit conjurations.

Now, when it comes to "talking" to spirits in my mind (!!!) I also experienced many times what they told me back was part words and part emotions and feelings. I have more Water placements than Earth so I guess that makes it easier for me to discern messages received in the form of emotion and feeling. Once I started adding more Fire into myself I did notice an improvement in my ability to "see" stuff, but that resorted to seeing flashes and orbs of light most of the time compared to Scrooge's three ghosts and stuff like that.

My point is, I work all by myself and I have already too much on my plate atm to experiment with additional stuff unless those experiments can be liked to what I'm already casting for. So I'm putting this hypothesis out there in case anyone would be willing to go ahead and see if it's accurate and to what degree. By placements in signs I also refer to the four main angles of the chart, alongside the seven classical planets and the three "outer" ones (and even various asteroids and other fictional points, why not?!).

Marvelous video!!!

HalcAre said...

I really like these recent videos, they're a good refresher on getting back into magick after a hiatus.

It would be cool if you went over methods of vibration in a future talk, especially quieter ones or when evoking a spirit. I feel like it's a fundamental part of the rituals that gets glossed over in many books.

Scott Stenwick said...

@Alex, that is a really interesting idea. I also do not have a lot of Fire in my chart, so maybe there could be a connection there. Definitely an interesting idea to pursue.

@HalcAre, that is a good suggestion. I'll cover that in my next talk on Tuesday.

Alex Scaraoschi said...

@Scott thanks!

It's really not that much to do in terms of experimenting, anyway. Someone who is conjuring spirits often is simply to observe their chart and count the placements inside each triplicity, then see if the way they interact with spirits is closer linked to one or more senses. They then have to see which sense is linked to which element (Spirit-hearing, Fire-sight, Water-taste, Air-smell, Earth-touch) and see if there is any correlation between the senses that mostly contribute to their interaction with spirits and the number of placements in the elements to which those senses correspond.

I could start doing specific rituals with the elements to test that, but it would be more cumbersome and time consuming for one person alone, especially because I'd also have to add other people into the experiments and those people are not involved in the occult - i.e. cast on them with the intent for the spirit to make themselves felt in some way to the person and then see if the person reports anything and in what way with respect to subtle senses.

@HalcAre from what Scott told me way back, my experience, and what I found from others along the way, spirits will show up even if you're whispering your rituals. So long as you go through the ritual steps appropriately, that is. So if you can train your voice in such a way to vibrate in the form of a whisper, I don't see why that would not work. This also applies for stuff like the pentagram and hexagram rituals - as long as you do them appropriately they will work even if you vibrate the names of power on a lower volume; you should also be able to sense them activating and the affect of the magical field they produce the same way as if you were vibrating the names louder.

Unknown said...

When is the lodge going to open back up?

Scott Stenwick said...

We are slowly working towards getting the lodge back to the sort of schedule we were running before the pandemic. We held our first Gnostic Mass in late July and have a few in-person events scheduled over the next two months. Then we will be looking at ramping up our events for the fourth quarter of the year if everything goes well.