Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Ritual Night Talk for September 14th

Here is the video of Tuesday's Ritual Night Talk, on the nature of spirits. The donation link is here.

In this talk I cover the basic classes of spirits - celestial, chthonic, and earthly - and their attributions - elemental, planetary, and zodiacal. I also discuss how I go about working with them, and offer some points and tips based on my own experiences. There are also a couple of interesting digressions in the talk regarding some of the practical magical research that I've done over the years.


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Bishop said...

What are the 4 Kings your talked about with good probabilty shifts ?Are they like 4 Elemental Kings?
I have a reccomendation if i may for your next talk:How spirits make change "here"and produce probabilty shifts?
Could Angel of Path of Mars be used for amplifying energy of a outgoing spell?To me Mars is connected like Geburah to not just Wrath and Vengence but also something that gived strong Will,Power etc.
You can i guess also make combinations of spells like i use Virgo to make invisible potential negative impression for a Job interwev and call Angel of Pisces to mind influence for a positive impression?

Scott Stenwick said...

Those are the four Enochian Watchtower Kings. Bataivah, Raagiosl, Edlprnaa, and Iczhihal. I have instructions for working with them and conjurations in Mastering the Great Table.

So you can combine spells with different influences like that sometimes, but you have to be careful about it. Some planets and signs get along better than others and you need to pay attention to that. Some examples:

Mars is in detriment in Taurus and Libra. Taurus is the "the secret of physical strength" and Libra is "works of justice and equilibrium." You might think you could use a Mars operation to increase physical strength along with Taurus - Mars is related to strength after all - or to increase the effectiveness of a work for Justice - Mars being related to vengeance, which in some case can be deserved. But neither of those would probably work well because of how the astrological rulerships work.

You mentioned Cancer in your other post with a job spell. If your job spell was with Jupiter, that's a lot better because Jupiter is exalted in Cancer. Pisces also works well with Jupiter because Jupiter rules Pisces. But Jupiter is in detriment in Virgo, which could be a problem.

In any case, auspicious or not, these should be done as entirely separate rituals for the various aspects of the goal that you are trying to accomplish. Calling in multiple aspects within the same operation - even if they're harmonious - did not work well for me back when I was experimenting with some of these ideas, and I eventually abandoned experimenting with the practice due to poor results.