Thursday, May 12, 2022

Taurus Elixir Rite for 2022

Here is the video of the Taurus Elixir Rite. The donation link is here.

The sign Taurus is attributed to the Hierophant card in the Tarot, and to "the secret of physical strength" in Liber 777. This power corresponds to vitality, health, healing, and so forth. In addition, intents corresponding to any quality attributed to Taurus by astrologers will also work, whether they are related to physical strength or not.


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HalcAre said...

With zodiacal operations, you've previously mentioned that you want to avoid the final aspect being to Mars or Saturn, unless it's a positive aspect and you're doing an operation for that specific planet. Does that carry over to zodiacal operations? An Aries spell working with a Mars conjunction final aspect, okay because Mars rules Aries?

What's the strength of the effect the current sign has on a working? Would a Venus evocation during Aries be debilitated enough to change timing. Or is it that signs only really matter enough to affect a lot of the working's strength during zodiacal operations.

I feel like if I take too much of this into account I'll get less magick done due to only doing magick at the "right time". Does performing a spell to get something during a waning moon make it less powerful, or is that something that only really becomes significant with elemental evocations due to being sublunar?

I know final aspect, chart victor, day and hour timing are the main ones for gauging strength of a working. I'm guessing other variants might affect how a result expresses itself or it depends on the type of working.

Scott Stenwick said...

I have not experimented with that myself, but it makes sense that it could be the case. I think if I were doing an Aries operation and had a positive final aspect with Mars I would go ahead.

It's very important to understand that much of this has to do with choosing the best possible time, not that nothing works if any of the timing is suboptimal. Your timing is always going to be suboptimal to some degree - that is, less than perfect - and you use these tools to pick the best time you can in the interval during which you want to do the spell.

You absolutely can do a Venus operation when the Sun is in Aries. The Sun is just one factor of many, as per the chart victor calculation. You probably want to avoid a Venus operation with a Mars chart victor, but you should be able to find a time with at least a neutral chart victor by changing the time of day, since ascendant, day/hour, and house placement all figure in to the calculation.

The waxing or waning Moon figures in to the chart victor as well, in the form of prenatal lunation. When the Moon is waxing, the prenatal lunation was a new Moon in the same sign as the Sun. When the Moon is waning, the prenatal lunation was a full Moon opposite the Sun. You allocate the points accordingly, and I actually think that this mechanism is why the grimoires talk about waxing and waning Moons as significant. I think that's true of elemental work too, because I'm of the opinion that days/hours/phases as remnants of the chart victor system - and if you use the full system, you get a more accurate result and can compensate for some of those factors.

But it's important enough to restate - magick done at "bad times" can still work. Folks who do "inituitive magick" and pay no attention to this stuff still get results. I paid no attention to it for years and got good results. I just can optimize my results by paying better attention to it. So always do the magick - just figure out when you need to do the spell, and work out the best time within that window to do it.

HalcAre said...

Good advice, thank you. Sometimes I get analysis paralysis, but the best way forward is to do it and see what happens. I forget that sometimes though.

I'm guessing that using the same set of spirits to charge two different talismans in separate workings hasn't shown a decline in power or probability shifts, in your experience.

Scott Stenwick said...

Right. Each time the spirits empower a talisman, they empower it with whatever their level of strength is under the conditions of the operation. A new operation gives you a new instance of the spirit or spirits. If you do it in the same operation, you have one instance divided between two talismans. But with separate operations, the relationship is one instance to one talisman.

Bishop said...

When I got a bunch a consecrated talismans of different planets on one place do they mess each other energies?

If I started a ritual for example started LBRP on 21:40 and started to invoke a Angel at 21:50 ,is my ritual locked astrologically at 21:40 or 21:50?

HalcAre said...

If every talisman I make is also empowered to recharge itself from the energy of my daily practices, does that have a limit? My talisman count is soon to be nine.

Also, I'd like to say your system of magical instruction is really easy to pick up. I like how any evocation experience also gives you skills for the others. Zodiacal operations are less complex and time consuming to set up than I thought when I first looked them over, simple electional timing and the chart victor calculation turned out to be pretty easy too. I keep a fill out template for the victor calculation in Excel, makes it so much faster than it was doing it by hand the first time.

And the field ritual works great, quick and effective.

Scott Stenwick said...

You can charge them to power themselves off of other things besides your daily practice, first off. I usually create them so that they can recharge off ambient magical energy and various other power sources in the natural world. You just build that into the charge.

Also, even if you don't do this, they aren't powered JUST by your daily practices. A talisman has its own "spiritual channel" that is its source of spiritual power. They can generally consume power from offerings, too, as long as they are specifically directed to the talisman.

As an IT consultant I have a lot of experience writing modular technical requirements, and that background is really helpful as far as assembling and explaining magical processes goes. It certainly is the sort of thing I wished I had back when I was first looking at these forms.

Scott Stenwick said...

Planetary talismans will not usually interfere with each other, though some planetary energy combinations get along better than others.

A common example of this is trying to create both a Jupiter and a Mercury talisman for winning lotteries. The idea is that Mercury rules games of chance, and Jupiter rules good fortune, so it seems totally logical. But Mercury and Jupiter don't work well together - Jupiter rules Sagittarius, where Mercury is in Detriment, and Pisces, where Mercury is in both detriment and Fall. So you don't get the kind of synergy you might otherwise expect.

Your start time is the start of your ritual procedure, not the start of your conjuration. So in your example it would be 21:40.

HalcAre said...

So what's the difference between scrying in the spirit vision and stuff like clairvoyance and astral projection? Most of the occult books and evocation accounts I read over time made it seem like psychic senses need to be as vivid as your physical senses and somehow combined with them, like you'd see a spirit standing in your room or something.

Difference in experience, long experience as a practising magician, or artistic license for language in storytelling?

Scott Stenwick said...

As far as I can tell there is absolutely no difference in terms of the quality of the information you receive. This is one of long-standing beefs I have with some of the grimoire guys who insist you have to "physically see" a spirit. Incidentally, there's no connection between how vividly you experience the spirit in the temple and your end result, except maybe if you're a total newbie who can't get the spirits' attention at all (which is rare, and usually resolved by doing operations with them until something works).

My visual psychic senses don't happen to be great. I can only think of a couple of times I saw something that legitimately looked like a physically present spirit, and the best of those was a complete failure in terms of the operation itself. But spirits are either there or they're not, and in my experience they almost always are at least paying attention. Being able to perceive their presence is useful using some aspect of your psychic senses - that's what I'm doing in the Elixir Rites when I'm holding my hands on either side of the cup and vibrating the angel's name. My psychic senses are more kinesthetic than visual, so I feel it when the spirit has arrived instead of see it.

And the thing is, much of that isn't about training. It's more about where your natural talents and aptitudes lie. I think it's ridiculous when grimoire magician argue that essentially only one form of psychic sense - vision - is valid for magical operations. Clearly the point is to perceive the spirit when it manifests, however you do it. Some people do have psychic vision senses that strong, but most people don't. And magick should not be limited only to people with some special visualization ability. It can work plenty great for those of us without that talent.

The reason that using the spirit vision method is better, in my experience, is that by visualizing yourself in an astral landscape lets your psychic senses work holistically. Your visual faculty might not be that psychic, but your imagination can play off information from any of your other senses because you are perceiving with all of them when you're in the spirit vision.

While it's true that your own thoughts and ideas can get mixed up with communication from the spirit when in the spirit vision, "physical" scrying carries the exact same risk and nobody seems that interested in acknowledging the point. Something that feels physical seems more convincing, but much of the information I checked from the best "physical" operation I experienced was entirely false, almost embarrassingly so. Maybe the spirit was just messing with us - but "physical scrying" in no way mitigates that risk.

Basically, spirit vision is easier to learn (because visual scrying is hard to learn without the requisite level of talent) and in many ways more convenient and easier to do. You have to test the information you get from spirits, but you have to do that with every method. What it comes down to is that the visual-only folks are full of it. I don't have super-vivid psychic senses, especially not visual ones, and all the rituals I have posted here on the blog have worked successfully for me.

HalcAre said...

That's a lot of good information. It's interesting to think about the line between psychic senses and imagination, and yeah I know what you mean about grimoire purists and whatnot insisting that their way is the only way when everyone has different talents and aptitudes. That general attitude seems like people proud of their accomplishments in magick, so they denigrate and decry other's spiritual experiences for not being correct by their standards. Which is a bizarre attitude to have for an occultist.

How do I develop my body of light? I know my daily rituals and energy work are a big part of that, I read an offhand quote from Crowley that you should also do godform assumptions, whatever they are.

I'm going to try going for those elemental initiations. I think I recall you saying somewhere that you should only do elemental practical magick while you're going through that section, why's that? And does that include sublunar spirits like goetic demons?

Also, how long am I supposed to leave between initiations, how do I know if I've gotten it, is it a bad idea to just do them right after each other without waiting to see if there are changes in my mind and life, and if I feel lacking in a certain aspect, can I go back and do that initiation ritual again?

HalcAre said...

A lot of the descriptions for Goetic demons, a few other spirits, and even some angels say they give good familiars. What exactly is a familiar, how do you use them, what are they for? Is having one desirable? Apparently so, I'd it's specifically called out like that.

Unknown said...

When doing operations is it possible that after some time like 2 or 3 months a effect can be taken not calculating astrological conditions?
Like is is possible that enitites accumulate effect in Astral and then after some time we see the consequence.

Is waning moon good for curses?

Mars is strong in Aries and Scorpio and Capricorn.
Does this mean i can use those Zodiac Sing for objectives i use Mars?
Like i can use Aries for Works of Wrath but i guess i can t use Mars for Consecrating Things.

Can i colour or add stronger colours to a a talisman that s already consecrated without messing something up?

Scott Stenwick said...

@HalcAre: Energy work in general will help develop your body of light, as will regular daily practice. You can also do spirit vision work using an induction like this one, which helps to center your consciousness in the body of light.

Godforms don't necessarily develop the body of light per se - godform assumption is actually something you do with your body of light as you are developing it. You can do a visualization like the one in the induction, but instead visualize yourself as a particular deity.

The recommendation about elemental magick while doing the elemental initiations is more like a guideline than a rule. Certainly do whatever practical magick you need to do while going through that sequence. It's more about keeping yourself as focused as you can in the elemental realm. Goetic spirits aren't exactly elemental, but again, if you need to do practical work of any sort go for it. The guideline is not there to prevent you from getting done anything you need to get done.

A familiar is like a personal spirit associated with the sphere of influence of the spirit that grants it. It's kind of like another version of an instance of a spirit, but more persistent. You can ask for a familiar to be granted to you or attached to some object, and from there you can just talk to the spirit and send it out to do things. It's simpler and more convenient than doing a full conjuration every time.

@Unknown: That's hard for me to say with much certainty. It's most likely possible something like that can happen, but it also isn't necessarily likely to happen often. It's not an effect I would rely upon for casting - with all the astrological forces that engage over a period of months it's way too chaotic and unpredictable.

Waning Moon can be good or bad for curses, it depends on the curse and the astrological situation. You really need to look at what the Chart Victor is and see how the prenatal lunation affects it.

I don't really understand why you would want to mix and match powers like that. In Aries, Mars is strong so you can get a really good Mars operation for a work of wrath or vengeance. So you would go ahead and use the astrology, but just call Mars. That's going to work better than trying to call Aries for that kind of operation.

Same with Mars and consecration. Aries and Mars generally like the same sort of astrological weather, so just use Aries for consecration and Mars for cursing/protection. I'll be sure to cover that when I do the video on astrological magick.

You can modify a talisman like that without messing anything up, but you won't be able to add power to it or anything like that either. The power is locked into the talisman when it's created. One exception - you can feed talismans by making offerings to them, but that's not really the same as modification. Also, feeding talismans mostly keeps them working longer. It doesn't generally increase their power in terms of probability shift.