Friday, February 20, 2009

Still No Atlantis

Over the years many people in the esoteric community have cited the story of Atlantis as evidence of some sort of ancient golden age of civilization. Some claim that the mythical Atlanteans possessed technology well in advance of our own, which is refuted by the absence of ancient plastic, printed circuit boards, and nuclear waste, all of which should endure for thousands of years under the sea. Others simply claim that the Atlantean civilization was more adept at magical practices, or that magick worked better during the time period in which it rose to prominance. While this is more difficult to refute, it is equally difficult to prove or demonstrate.

I have often commented that if there is a golden age of magick we surely are living in it, since the rise of information technology has made it easier than ever before to share magical techniques and pool information related to specific practices. As with the physical sciences, this emerging knowledge base can only lead to the more effective application of magical principles and better education for beginning practitioners. Furthermore, living in a modern society makes it a lot easier to practice magick without risking the persecutions that awaited Renaissance magicians who ran afoul of the Church.

In fact, our information technology has now reached the point where it could help us us uncover ancient mysteries such as the location of Atlantis. Some observers recently claimed that they had done just that, using the Google Earth network of satellite images to reveal what appeared to be human-constructed lines on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. Sadly, the lines were indeed made by people, just not Atlanteans.

Keen observers had spotted what appeared to be the outline of a vast city - the size of Wales - on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean.

But the criss-crossing lines, located 600 miles west of the Canary Islands, were today explained by Google as sonar data collected as boats mapped the ocean floor.

A spokeswoman for Google Earth further explained that the lines follow the straight paths made by boats as they take sonar images of the ocean floor. They are neither roads nor walls, but artifacts of oceanic data collection.

So Atlantis still remains lost to history if it ever existed at all. At this point, with satellites encircling the globe, one has to wonder if it will ever be discovered. It may have never existed or perhaps was so thoroughly destroyed that nothing of it remains. Either that, or it is hiding in plain sight like the island of Thera, which I still believe to be one of the most likely inspirations for Plato's famous account.

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Rob said...

When talking with older things, some of which claim to be older than man, I get the same message again and again, the fossils lie. Both the archeological and fossil records, at least after a few thousand years, seem to have some major error in them.

I don't think it's anything as simple as something planting dinosaur bones to throw us off or plastic magickally disappearing or anything like that. I think whatever actually happened (which has never been quite clear) is a bit more complicated.

As for Atlantis, all I can divine is that it seemed to be some sort of interdimensional hub that connected several different dimensions and was not so much an advanced society but like a port town. It existed somewhere in North America, and there are lots of myths of an advanced society in this area that was at war with the west, friendly with the east, and considered decedant and evil in the Americas (at least as far as my research shows). And this city was wiped out by the great flood.

Whatever's left of the city is most likely abandoned at this point. I don't think it ever existed exactly on this planet though, rather a gateway into another dimension where it did exist was present here, and so you won't find evidence of it.

I also have other information concerning errors in the historical record, such as intelligent species that existed here prior to man. I also have some very valuable information concerning sealed gates that, at least for the time being, I'm keeping to myself. I also know a lot of magicians I've talked to have come across similar information in their workings. I don't think any serious magician really wants to publish something so scientifically out there as the Atlantean theories because of the fact that it would almost certainly ruin their reputation in some circles.

Scott Stenwick said...

There was a book out awhile back that claimed Atlantis was located in present-day Wisconsin. If it really was the port city that the Greeks claim it was, at the time the St. Lawrence seaway must have been more navigable than it is today. I seriously doubt you could portage a Phoenician ship across Niagara falls.

There's also an old map that labels Antarctica "Insula Atlantis" and the Bimini Road in the Bahamas that could be the remains of some sort of very ancient city. One of the things I've always imagined doing if I ever became so wealthy I could get away with it is to buy the island of Bimini from the Bahamas and declare it an independent country that I would call "The Ancient and Exalted Imperium of Atlantis."

My own title as leader, of course, would be "Divine Pharaoh, the Light of Heaven." Then I could devote most of my foreign policy efforts toward recovering my empire's stolen Antarctic lands. Because, you know, a country that's only a couple of miles across called an "Ancient and Exalted Empire" ruled by a "Divine Pharaoh" is really funny. I'd even build myself a pyramid. ;-)

And by the way, if you ever do come across an inter-dimensional portal and are willing to share you know I'd be interested. I've never seen one but I can think of a lot of magical research that could be done if I had access to one.

Anonymous said...

See E.G.: "Liber LI" by A.Crowley.

Rob said...

I've actually heard rumors of a portal existing at the Devil's Hole in Crystal, Nevada, and I'm hopefully going to go up there to investigate later this year.

However I know for a fact that a lot of the rumors about the place are BS. A friend did some research and told me about how government officials will chase you away if you spend too much time in the area, and about how the hole is gated off and the government won't let scientist investigate the hole even though they want to.

A google search reveals that Nova did a special on the hole and sent some divers down with video cameras, so much for government conspiracy theories. The truth is it's probably one of the most dangerous and difficult dives one can undertake, and they have had issues in the past with people falling in too, so they're very careful about who they let near it and who is allowed to dive in it.

I think the metaphysical phenomena there is caused by the body of underground water that is probably mostly stagnating there. I also think that the hole probably connects to the river lined with gold underneath Nevada that they've been trying to find for decades.

Also they have unevolved prehistoric fish there you can't find anywhere else in the world, a couple of whore houses, and the prostitution museum. It'll be a fun day trip when I get around to going.

Scott Stenwick said...

Sounds cool. Keep us posted on anything paranormal you run across.