Friday, January 8, 2010

Archives Are Now Up

I have now finished posting my archived articles from the old Scoop version of Augoeides. The Scoop site went online in June 2006 and ran until August of 2007, so any articles with those dates are archived articles that were transferred to the new platform. The blogger version of the site went online in November of 2007, which is why when you look through the old articles there are none for September or October of 2007. During that period I was busy working on trying to get the site back up in some capacity and settled on blogger as the easiest way to do it.

The Scoop system supported a number of different features that this site does not. Among the archives are various magical records that we posted on the private section of the site and also articles by authors other than myself that were posted on the "front page." I do have copies of those even though they have not been added to this site, so if anyone would like them for their own records or to post on their own personal blogs let me know and I should be able to get them to you. I miss the Scoop system for its vast array of features, but I have to admit that a regular blog like the current system takes a lot less time to administer.

If you never were on the original system and feel like taking a look at how my writing has evolved over the years, check out the articles from 2006 and 2007. There's some good stuff there, and while some of it no longer reflects my most current thinking on various topics it still is useful to keep a record of it for future reference.

UPDATE: I'm now realizing that I neglected to add the "archives" tag to the articles I uploaded during the last several days. For now clicking on that tag won't bring up all the archives, though I should be able to get that rectified relatively soon.

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