Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'm Back, But a Little Bit Lighter

Some of you are probably wondering where I went over the last week, with no new posts or updates despite having a new book out on the shelves and plenty of reasons to drum up publicity. While I wasn't hit by house fires, earthquakes, or Pat Robertson being his usual dumbass self, I wound up spending this last week in the hospital without any access to the blog or e-mail. I'm finally back home, or at least most of me is.

The part that's now missing is my gallbladder, which had to be removed because of problems with gallstones that I've been dealing with for about nine years. 31 is quite young to develop gallstones, so clearly I must have been born with the economy model or something. When I was first diagnosed and offered the surgery I decided I was going to try a combination of supplements and healing spells - and they worked. The problem seemed to resolve itself and didn't show up again until about two months ago. This time around my alternative remedies failed, so I checked myself into the hospital a week ago to get the operation done.

A few random observations:

(1) I know that some Western ceremonialists look kind of funny at the Asian chackra model in which the Manipura (abdominal/digestion) is attributed to Fire and the Anahata (heart) is attributed to Air. But if you've ever had a serious abdominal problem you know why - nothing knocks out your Qi like an abdominal problem.

(2) When your Qi is knocked out by an abdominal problem it's really hard to keep up your practices. I wound up slacking for two weeks, and sure enough had some internal bleeding from the surgery. When my practices are solid I'm the opposite of Murphy's Law - if something can work, it will.

(3) While getting yourself addicted to anything is a bad idea, I now really understand why folks like Coleridge loved their laudanum so much for composition. Thanks in part to post-surgical morphine I made what still seems like a significant breakthrough on putting together a story that I've been working on for awhile. I'll be interesting in finding out where that one leads.

(4) I do feel like I'm recovering well at this point, but healing spells and the like are always welcome if you feel moved to do them.

As I mentioned I have been out of e-mail contact for the last week and am trying to catch up everything. If you sent me a message and have not received a response don't worry, it was nothing you said. I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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Unknown said...

Happy to hear you're doing better and that this problem was resolved for you - with even some benefits as you mention. We'll be expecting a "Christabel" from you now.

Lonnie said...

Good luck and many blessing for your healing. I went through the same procedure about 6 months ago at the age of 32. I dealt with it for a decade much like you did. When it came back, by the gods it was the most excruciating pain I've ever known. As a martial artist and former Cav Scout, that says something!

I hope you heal quickly and efficiently! 3 days post op I was fine. Just walk as much as you can stand it.

Scott Stenwick said...

Thanks for the good wishes. I was actually kind of surprised when I thought about how many people I know who have had this particular procedure. I can think of four or five off the top of my head just among people that I know.

I'm taking a little slower to heal up because they had to go in a second time to deal with the internal bleeding, but all is nonetheless going relatively well. As abdominal surgery goes it's really fairly minor in the overall scheme of things.

Unknown said...

Best of luck on your healing, Frater!

almondveined said...

I'm a lurker who had his gall bladder out a few years back at 25 or so.
Probably as a result of the surgery weakening my diaphragm I developed a hiatal hernia and with it more or less lost the ability to do any sort of energy manipulation. My guess is it's due to vagus nerve entrapment.

Anyway, all I can advise is for you to avoid stressing your abdomen too much. Avoid heavy weights and don't let yourself get constipated. I've been almost cut off from the spiritual for two years now and it sucks.