Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Two-Headed Tortoise New Psychic Star

Still mourning the death of Paul the psychic octopus? Desperate for paranormal visions of who will win upcoming ice hockey matches? It turns out that the solution to both of these issues is simpler than anyone would have imagined - just find yourself a two-headed tortoise!

Magdalena, an African spurred tortoise from the Slovakian town of Zilina, was born with two heads following a genetic defect.

She will try to repeat the success of prediction supremo Paul who managed to guess the outcome of eight different World Cup football games last year.

Instead of football the double-headed animal will be picking winning teams in a number of ice hockey matches for the 75th world tournament.

The little tortoise's first attempt at predicting winners turned out to be correct and her owner Roma Gresak is hopeful she will be carry on her success.

She makes her predictions by moving around a small model of an ice hockey rink.

Reptiles like tortoises aren't nearly as intelligent as octopi, so something other than smarts is most likely going on here. But in the context of recent discussion in the magical blogosphere about the role of the nervous system in producing magical and psychic phenomena, apparently Magdalena provides some evidence that two brains really are better than one - at least if you happen to be a tortoise.

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