Friday, October 21, 2011

Today is the Day... Take 2!

So this is it, folks. The end of the world. Today. No, really!

You see, that whole thing about the Rapture that never happened was all just a misunderstanding. Harold Camping didn't mean to imply that the world was going to end back in May, just that all the devout Christians everywhere would mysteriously vanish and there would be earthquakes and other natural disasters all over the place. And when neither of those predictions came to pass, that was just because God was being merciful and decided not to let them happen after all. He's apparently just not merciful enough to let people wake up tomorrow morning.

Except, of course, that I have this nagging suspicion the world isn't going anywhere, and once Camping's last remaining followers recognize that my guess is he'll be left praising the mercy of the Lord once more. What do you people want, anyway? God moves in mysterious ways! Which, I suppose, is why somebody like Harold Camping should be able to predict his every move and exploit those predictions to raise millions of dollars. Yeah, that's the ticket! There's a distinct "but God wants you to buy me a house in the Bahamas!" vibe to the whole thing, like back when all those other televangelist financial scandals hit years ago.

So just in case the world ends today, it's been great knowing all of you. Otherwise, we'll be adding one more confused end-times prophet to that ever-growing list. Will they never learn?

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1 comment:

Morgan Drake Eckstein said...

It was nice knowing you too!