Thursday, October 27, 2011

Zombie Apocalypse - The Graphic Novel

The Centers for Disease Control have managed to create a viral Internet sensation with their "zombie apocalypse" campaign. It turns out that reading about how to prepare for regular disasters is boring, but if you throw zombies into the mix all of a sudden people start finding the same material incredibly interesting. I guess werewolves were the new vampires and now zombies are the new werewolves. Or something like that. The CDC is continuing this highly successful campaign in a graphic novel that is now available on their website.

The comic book went live on the CDC's website on Friday, with no fanfare. It has already been a hit at New York's ComicCon, a gathering of fans and creators of comic books, graphic novels, games, and other media. There, Ali Khan, director of the CDC's Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response, passed out copies and spoke on a panel titled "Zombie Summit: How to Survive the Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse."

"They went like hot cakes," David Daigle of the preparedness office says.

The comic begins with a couple, Todd and Julie, watching a news story about a strange virus that causes slow movement, slurred speech and violent tendencies. The newscaster says the CDC recommends the public avoid those with symptoms, gather emergency supplies and make an evacuation plan.

Todd checks the CDC's website where he finds information about the new zombie virus and a list of items he'll need for an emergency-preparedness kit. Just then, an infected zombie neighbor shows up at the door and tries to attack him.

The scene shifts to the CDC, where scientists are working around the clock to create a vaccine. In a cameo appearance, the CDC's Khan barks, "No, tell CNN I'll call them back later…" into a phone as a Dr. Greene calls the Strategic National Stockpile to prepare to release its supplies of medicine.

You can find the graphic novel here. I figure it's all a good thing, since disaster preparedness is useful whether or not zombies ever show up at your door and the information presented by the CDC is stuff that everyone should be familiar with. Let's just hope it's not being disseminated in advance of a real zombie invasion of which the rest of us are as yet unaware.

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Mr Black said...

hahaha, very nice - zombies can make any dull subject interesting.