Thursday, November 7, 2013

Strange Things Afoot in Gloucestershire

A recent Freedom of Information Act request filed in the English county of Gloucestershire has revealed nearly a thousand calls to police regarding werewolves, witches, wizards, and ghosts. Apparently paranormal phenomena are common there - or at least local residents think so.

In Cheltenham, a caller contacted police to say a taxi driver who took his wife to a destination said he "changes into a werewolf." He then touched the wife's knee.

Elsewhere in the county, a caller contacted the police, saying they had discovered possible witchcraft items in the Forest of Dean. A "pile of stones in shapes of human shape" were what prompted the call to the force.

In Stroud, a man contacted police saying a satellite, which was above his house and controlled by a "coven of witches", was poisoning him.

My guess is that last one would be pretty easy to debunk - either there's a satellite positioned above the guy's house or there isn't (and my money is on "isn't"). But that's not all.

Elsewhere in the county, in Gloucester officers recorded a call from a woman whose ex partner was threatening to kill her and to cast a spell on her with witchcraft.

Also in the city, a young boy – perhaps who had watched too many Harry Potter movies – called in to tell officers he was a wizard.

And with a clear sign that people in Gloucester have a sense of humour, a man called the police saying he wanted the Ghostbusters, because there was "something strange in the neighbourhood", before hanging up.

A paranormal investigator asked to comment on the calls stated that he thought the high volume was simply due to increased media exposure. However, at the same time he added that some of the reported events may be real cases, and it would be difficult to identify which those might be without conducting thorough investigations.

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Anonymous said...

It wouldn't be that easy to debunk. Assuming there is a satellite above this gentleman's house, we then have to prove whether or not the satellite is controlled by witches, and if at least one of its purposes or side-effects is poisoning this man. And this is before we even start to consider things like invisible and undetectable satellites, satellites that can slip through dimensional portals, and the much more common folks investigating the satellite denying its existence because they secretly belong to the coven of witches controlling it.

Ultimately all an investigation could prove was whether or not a person was a witch, based on whether or not they saw the satellite and agreed with the evidence.