Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"Train Goddess" Unleashes Naked Menace

So is this the beginning of an emerging new cult? A naked woman identifying herself as "Goddess of the Train" caused a bit of mayhem over the weekend on a Chicago commuter train.

A naked woman shocked train commuters in Chicago on Saturday when she jumped the turnstile and declared she was the ‘Goddess of the Train’ and planned to take over the train.

The unidentified woman appeared at the Granville station of Chicago’s Red Line, the Chicago Transit Authority's busiest line, in her birthday suit. She then slapped several commuters before heading to the front of the train with the intent to drive it.

The Train Goddess was apprehended by police before she could explain the nature of her creed. While police issued a statement asserting that the woman suffers from mental illness, hasn't that always the way with the sages and hierophants of the past?

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Nerd said...


I'd like to hear the case for her religion before I pass judgement.

Scott Stenwick said...

Exactly! You never know, maybe it's something super-profound that just happens to involve trains and public nudity.

Imago said...

She's definitely a Goddess who kicks butt!