Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Elf Sex?

The top Augoeides article of all time is this debunking of a fake news story about a woman in Iceland who was kidnapped by elves and held for seven years. The original story built on the fact that in Iceland, the existence of elves is taken quite seriously by the local population. For example, in a number of cases roads have been rerouted in order to keep from upsetting the creatures. But as Vice reports, blogger Hallgerdur Hallgrímsdóttir takes it one step further. She claims to have had sex with elves on many occasions, and even describes herself on her blog as an "expert on how to have sex with elves."

Hallgerdur claims many Icelanders have been doing elves in secret for centuries. There’s even a myth covering the inter-hominid couplings. Hallgerdur receives a lot of flack from her countrymen for spilling the beans on elf sex, so we hope you appreciate her act of smutty treason. Although Hallgerdur has a boyfriend now, she recently claimed that “sex with humans is boring”. In her blog she goes into great detail about her experience sexing it up with elves.

I seriously have no idea what's going on here, but all of the possibilities strike me as pretty interesting. Are these elves actually flesh-and-blood beings? Is this some sort of astral experience, like my "ghost sex" article from last month might be referring to? Or does Hallgerdur suffer from some very specific mental illness that produces this one particular delusion but otherwise leaves her clear-minded and lucid? Whatever the case, something strange is going on here and and I would really like to know more about it. Someday I'd like to go to Iceland anyway just to see the volcanic landscape, and if I ever do I'll have to see about doing some paranormal investigation of the elf phenomenon.

Frankly, Hallgerdur's story is hard to debunk unless it's totally made up. She's awake and out in the wilderness when the encounters happen, so it's not sleep paralysis. She also seems far too generally lucid to be mentally ill, though I suppose there are cases of people whose delusions are oddly specific. It also doesn't sound like an astral or spirit encounter, since she describes the elves doing all sorts of physical things that an astral entity shouldn't be able to do. So as I see it, this case is either legitimately paranormal or completely imaginary. And given the folklore, I will say that if elves can be found anywhere, Iceland seems like the best place to look.

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Rob said...

Actually it's a fairly common myth from that region about spending seven years with elves or fae and having sex with them. The most popular version of the story has been written about many times and was turned into a famous opera hundreds of years ago and in some versions involves the pope as an antagonist(I wish I could remember the main character's name now, I know I wanted to right a poem about it when I was younger).

Scott Stenwick said...

As far as I can tell the legends about elves in Iceland are pretty much the same as legends about the Fae in Europe and likely come from the same source. What I'm curious about is whether there's anything real about them, or if they're just folklore. If Hallgerdur has any evidence to support her claims, I would really like to see it.