Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Megan Fox Must Be Trolling

Creationist and anti-science blogger Megan Fox is back in the news this week, and now I'm convinced that her persona has to be some sort of ongoing performance art piece. Nobody could possibly be this stupid in real life - could they? This time around, Fox has posted a video of herself "auditing" the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. Not only does she confuse ordinary lizards with mythical dragons, as in her previous videos she sees "leftist propaganda" everywhere.

“Look, I found a dragon!” she exclaims as she examines what appears to be an iguana. “Spikes, claws, scales, nails – it’s a dragon!”

Fox, whose stupefying video audit of a science museum went viral last month, toured the Brookfield Zoo in another series of videos posted on her YouTube channel.

She complains that the zoo is exhibiting “anti-human” prejudice in a display that shows 90 percent of the world’s primates are threatened with extinction due to the actions of one species of primate.

“There are tons of (displays) here that say, you know, humans are bad,” Fox says. “There’s all kinds of anti-human and green initiative stuff that we can look at here, so it’s going to be fun.”

The PJ Media blogger argues, as the camera lingers over the Spanish translation of “water,” that a display on water conservation has nothing to do with animals and is instead leftist propaganda.

Yes, clean water has nothing to do with animals because none of them drink. Or swim. Or do anything that polluted water might affect. Clearly Fox has never kept fish, because even trace amounts of chlorine or soap can be toxic to them. Many of the chemicals we use for cleaning are even worse. As for the facts of biology being "anti-human," the truth is that human population growth and subsequent development has not been a good thing for most animals. As their habitat is reduced, their numbers dwindle. That's just math.

But I'm not going to bother debunking her ridiculous comments any further. I'm calling it now - Fox is engaged in some sort of a satirical project specifically designed to make religious people look dumb. She has to be. I'll freely admit that I fell for it last time, but no more. I expect that one of these days Fox is going to out herself as a member of the Landover Baptist Church. Either that, or one of these days she's going to go on some conservative television program and cite the mocking of her satirical videos as proof of how "intolerant" liberals are.

When she does, you can tell all your friends that you heard it here first.

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Nerd said...

I think the "dragon" reference might be to that thing where they say dinosaurs were "dragons," and that they lived contemporaneously with humans in the ancient world.

Then again those people in themselves might be some sort of weird satire. It's getting to be a fine line out there.

Scott Stenwick said...

I know creationists believe that, but it should be pretty obvious to anyone that an iguana is not a dragon. Among other things, dragons were supposed to be big. In fact, the myth probably does come from dinosaurs, or at least dinosaur fossils.

But that part is just icing on the cake. Her statements about water are just as dumb. Yes, I know that water cannot be created or destroyed. What the displays are talking about is freshwater that's free of pollutants.

She also seriously seems to believe that, as Stephen Colbert once stated satirically, that "reality has a well-known liberal bias." As if the statement that human development is threatening animal populations (a fact) has something to do with implementing "leftism."

In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if Colbert might even be her inspiration for these videos. Granted she's not as funny, but few people are.

Unknown said...

:(...I think she's serious........

Wanna place bets anyone? I bet all the dragon's eggs I can find in the house that quite regrettably,she's serious.