Monday, April 11, 2016

For Great Justice

A reader asked me about writing up an evocation for Libra. The magical power attributed to Libra is "works of justice and equilibrium," so this operation has a wide range of applications.

As I practice it, zodiacal magic is quite similar to planetary magick. The Lesser Rituals of the Pentagram and Hexagram are employed, along with the Greater Ritual of the Hexagram for the sign. The figure for this is the hexagram of ruling planet, and the color and godname attributed to the sign. In the case of Libra, the color is green, just like for Venus. The godname is the permutation of Tetragrammaton for Libra, which is VHYH, pronounced something like "weh-YAH" or "veh-YAH." You vibrate ARARITA while tracing the hexagram in green, and VHYH while tracing the symbol of Libra in red.

According to Liber 777, the Geomantic Intelligence - that is, the angel conjured for this ritual - is Zuriel (Zayin Vav Resh Yod Aleph Lamed). You draw the sigil on the magic square (or kamea) of Venus, because Venus rules Libra. To do this, first convert each letter to its value in Hebrew gematria.

Zayin - 7
Vav - 6
Resh - 200
Yod - 10
Aleph - 1
Lamed - 30

Once you have converted the name to a series of numbers, there are a number of different ways to trace the sigils onto the kamea. The rules that I use are as follows:
  1. Your first choice should always be the exact number.
  2. Any number too large for the square must be reduced by as many factors of 10 as necessary to match one of the numbers in the square. But do this as few times as possible. So, for example, Resh is 200 and the largest value in the square is 49. So you could reduce Resh to 20 or to 2. I go with 20, because it requires only a single tenfold reduction rather than two of them.
  3. The sigil may touching any point within the individual number square. So while I usually default to the center of the square, as it turns out I can draw a more aesthetically pleasing sigil by touching the 1 square and the 30 square on the lower left.
  4. I start with a circle and end with a straight line perpendicular to the line of the sigil. Not every magician does this, and it's not clear whether it's really necessary. To me, though, it alludes to John Dee's comment in the Monas Hieroglyphica that all things in nature are generated by the circle and the straight line. It also alludes to the Thelemic principle of 0=2 and a model of manifestation. The circle has zero explicit points, and the straight line connects two points. The direction of manifestation, then, is from the zero to the two, or from the circle to the straight line.

This image shows the sigil of Zuriel traced on the Venus kamea according to this method.

This sigil will be placed in the center of your Table of Practice when performing the conjuration. Some magicians will use a drawing of just the sigil, which is usually my practice. Others draw the entire kamea complete with numbers, or convert the numbers into Hebrew equivalents and draw those.

Temple Setup

The temple should be arranged with some sort of altar in the center. You will want a dagger for banishing and a wand for invoking placed on either side so that you can access them easily. I usually put the invoking wand on the right and the banishing dagger on the left.

In the center of the altar you place your Table of Practice. This image shows the "Trithemian" design adapter from "Agrippa's" Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy. I put those names in quotes because it's pretty clear that Agrippa didn't actually write the Fourth Book, and there's no evidence that his teacher Trithemius designed this version of the Table of Practice.

You can click on the image to enlarge and just print it out. Or, you can make a more elaborate Table by burning the design into wood, engraving it into metal, and so forth. For the ritual, the sigil should be placed inside the triangle. If your ritual has any sort of external target, place the magical link in the Table of Practice along with the sigil, again within the triangle. This can be a photograph, or even something as simple as the name of a person or organization written on a separate piece of paper from the sigil.

Any offerings that you will be making to the angel should also be placed within the triangle on the Table of Practice. So it is useful to print it or draw it fairly large to accommodate whatever you might need. It must also be large enough to accommodate a crystal or dark mirror if you plan on employing scrying during the rite. If you wish to burn incense, Liber 777 names Galbanum as the proper incense for Libra. You could also use incense attributed to Venus or Air, or some other sort of zodiacal blend.


This step of the ritual opens the temple, and sets up the operant field. You could use a banishing lesser hexagram here if you wanted to go the traditional route, but I vastly prefer the operant field method for all of my own operations.

Perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram with the banishing dagger.

Perform the Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Hexagram with the invoking wand.

Preliminary Invocation

This step identifies you, the magician, with the highest aspect of divinity. You can do something like a Middle Pillar here to align your energies with the various godnames on the Tree of Life, followed by something like this invocation, which I adapted from the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn.

Make the Sign of Apophis and Typhon (raise your arms above your head, forming a “V”). Say:

Thee I invoke, who art universe. Thee I invoke, who art in nature formed.Thee I invoke, the vast and the mighty. Source of darkness, source of light.

Then make the Sign of Silence. This sign is made by dropping your arms and placing your right index finger to your lips. Pause for a moment to let the divine presence within you stabilize.

Tuning the Space

This step "tunes" your temple environment so it is hospitable to the angel that you are conjuring, in this case Zuriel. This tuning is most effective when the ritual is performed on a Friday, or during a Venus planetary hour.

Perform the Greater Invoking Ritual of the Hexagram for Libra. Venus hexagram in green with ARARITA, symbol of Libra in red with VHYH.

The Conjuration

From here, the ritual works pretty much like a planetary operation. You conjure the angel by the godname that you used in the Greater Hexagram.

ZURIEL (x7) (zoo-ree-EL), glorious and mighty angel of the path of MOZNAIM (moz-nah-EEM), by the name of the great god VHYH (weh-YAH) I conjure and call you forth. Appear now within this Table of Art, that you may answer my behest.

Then you vibrate the name ZURIEL repeatedly, until you perceive the presence of the angel.

The Charge

Here is the point where you deliver your behest to the angel. Make sure that you include an injunction of what you want the angel to do, and any limitations defining what you don't want the angel to do. Be as precise as you can, to avoid any unwanted consequences of the rite. Also, always give a time limit to the operation, as you don't want it to go on running forever if it fails, or for the angel to get whatever you want done eventually. They don't have the same sense of time scales that humans do.

If you wish, you may make offerings to the angel related to the sign Libra. As you might expect, angels like all spirits often work better if you give them some sort of payment for their efforts. The offering can be something as simple as a candle dressed with essential oil attributed to Libra, or Venus/Air. It is important that you explicitly identify it as such to the angel.

The License to Depart

This sends the angel on its way to accomplish its appointed task. This is pretty much the same license as I use for my planetary operations.

O thou ZURIEL (zoo-ree-EL), because thou hast-diligently answered unto my demands, and hast been very ready and willing to come at my call, by the name VHYH (weh-YAH) I do hereby license thee to depart unto thy proper place; without causing injury or danger unto man or beast. I charge thee to withdraw peaceably and quietly, and peace be ever continued between us. So mote it be!


This serves to detach your personal field of consciousness from that of the angel and the operation as a whole. I only banish at the microcosmic level here, since at the macrocosmic level the angel should be busy at work until the conclusion of the operation.

Perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram with the banishing dagger. The rite is complete.

If you offered a candle to the angel, just leave it burning. Seven-day candles are idea for this purpose. Any other offerings should be left within the triangle for a substantial period of time. Offerings like alcoholic drinks work well because they can be allowed to naturally evaporate.

As I've included most of the logic I use for working out the sigils and identifying the angels, it should not be that difficult to rework this rite for any of the other signs once you have copy of Liber 777 and a handle on what you're doing. Most of the information contained in Liber 777 can be found online as well at sites such as Thelemapedia.

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Anonymous said...

If i am to perform such a ritual on myself, do I still need a Table of Practice? Or is it necessary in helping invoking the angel?

Is it ok to first invoke the permutation using the name of Yah (Chokmah) as a higher power to which the permutation answers?

Anonymous said...

Also, should i include the vouls of the angel's name in the making of the sigil? I've look up the hebrew alphabet and it was written there that in hebrew, vouls are not written. In that case, Zuriel would be written only Zaiyn-Resh-Lamed...

Scott Stenwick said...

If you are calling the angel into yourself, then in my experience you do not need a Table of Practice. Just draw the sigil on paper and hold it in one hand as you perform the ritual.

All the zodiac signs are attributed to Chockmah, so Yah would also be an effective godname for all twelve.

It's not completely true that there are no vowels in Hebrew. Some vowel sounds are implied by certain letters, others like Aleph (A) are explicitly represented. The correct Hebrew spelling of Zuriel is as given in the post, Zayin Vav Resh Yod Aleph Lamed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing that. I guess they were wrong when they wrote that, or I understood it wrong. Guess I'll have to redo the sigil for Melchiadel.


Scott Stenwick said...

Just remember that transliterating English to Hebrew letter by letter is not usually correct either. You can look up the proper Hebrew spellings for many of the angel names here:

Anonymous said...

I took the hebrew letters of the name from 777, which are the same as in thelemapedia. Then I looked up hebrew alphabet correspondences and changed each letter with its latin counterpart, from right to left and followed the steps you've written in the article.

It seems I can't upload the photo of the sigil here, or I don't know how to, so I'll post it on your FB post of the article.

I think it definitely worked, as I feel more Aries then ever every day, since I performed the ritual on Tuesday. The whine I've left for him as an offering is depleating rapidly and that's not all. I would have expected to have a hard time breathing during the ritual, because of the amount of grinded black pepper I've burned. This didn't happen until I have the permition of departure, but even after that, the air was still breathable :)

Thanks for the link!


Anonymous said...

This would be tied to my question about taking into consideration hard planetary aspects when performing a planetary ritual, but this time it concerns z odiac signs.

Let's say there is a "nastier" planet transiting the sign you'd want to use in a ritual and it would take "forever" for it to exit that sign. The best example would be the current position of both Saturn and Mars in Sagittarius.

Does that affect the ritual, in terms of added resistance, or otherwise?

Anonymous said...

Can this Table of Practice be used as a containment structure for platetary rituals, ranging from healing to cursing?

Scott Stenwick said...

Remember that planets make aspects with each other, not with signs. Saturn being in Sagittarius doesn't affect Sagittarius at all. The signs are at a higher level than that.

The converse is not true, though. For example, Libra is the detriment of Mars. Performing a Mars operation when Mars is in Libra, therefore, is more difficult. Libra doesn't care at all, though.

And yes, this table of practice is an effective containment structure.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the answer!

I am aware of the fact that planets are affected by different signs.

I thought that it would be the same as in astrology, where a planet impacts the energy of the sign it transits in a certain way and also the house corresponding to that sign. I would think it was the other way around and the planet's energy is affected when transiting a sign. I've read somewhere that the planet is the active energy that affects the sign thought.

Astrologers here have warned the general public that Saturn's transit in Sagittarius would increase the risk of nasty events caused by fire. And that seems to be true, because many tragedies caused by fire have been happening here since then, including the country's worse fire accident that left 64dead and houndreds wounded.

Thus I had to ask you, to make sure.


Scott Stenwick said...

That is not necessarily a bad interpretation. Saturn is the major malefic, and in Sagittarius it is in a fire sign. So malefic events caused by Saturn could very well be more likely to involve fire. The key to keep in mind with respect to magical operations like this ritual is that the sign colors how Saturn behaves, not the other way around.

Anonymous said...

I hope it gets posted now.

If i am to invoke Virgo with the GIRH of Mercury, should i visualize the hexagrams in green (Virgo in red), considering that 777 gives the color green for the King Scale of Virgo? Or should i stick to the traditional Mercury hexagram of yellow (Virgo in violet)?

Scott Stenwick said...

For Virgo you use greenish yellow for the hexagram, crimson for the symbol. For a zodiac sign you always use the King Scale color for the path when tracing the hexagram, and that color's complement when tracing the symbol.

Anonymous said...

Much obliged!

Anonymous said...

Almost forgot. Regarding casting spells on yourself.

I've cast a spell on myself using the spirit of the Moon as one of the first spells using the GIRH. I forgot to give a time limit, so i guess it will go on forever.

I don't want it to become an extra resistance for further spells I'll be casting on myself, so i guess at some point in the future I'll have to end it.

The thing is I'm not sure how to do it, to get the best results. Should I perform a GBRH of the Moon? Or is there any other way?

Scott Stenwick said...

You can also conjure up the intelligence and spirit and instruct them to end the spell. That's probably the best method. The GBRH won't necessarily do it, because you have a spirit linked into the spell.

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea!



Anonymous said...

I'd like to thank you again for all the effort you put in writing these articles, especially the ones detailing rituals and ritual techniques.

They've helped me alot since I began using them as guidelines. Not only have I improved my practice by adding the hexagram rituals, but also I've been able to change the reality around me.

Take this Libra ritual for instance. I was able to adapt it to work with Virgo, to help a friend of mine that has had intense pains due to the sciatic nerve. Mercury went retrograde and I had to act fast. I remembered Virgo rules the nervous system, so I figured it would be the best choice for that situation. So I evoked Hamaliel for help. I've told him to work on that problem for 4 weeks and my friend's pains decreased considerably after only 1 week :D

So best wishes for you and yours in all that you do!!!

Looking foward to other interesting and useful articles ;)


Anonymous said...

I'm wondering, can this Libra ritual be used only to call for a fair justice? Or could it be used to tip the scales in someone's favour also?

I mean that calling for justice in a certain case could not being the the whole expected outcome for someone, because that person could have been wrong also in the said issue, but in a lesser degree that their court rival.

Tipping the scales in their favourite would result in a favorable outcome, regardless of their degree of guilt.

Scott Stenwick said...

In my experience a ritual like this will work best if you are casting for a fair outcome. In a dispute between two parties, if, say, you legitimately screwed someone over or ripped them off and they sue you, it probably won't work. However, some laws are implemented in a profoundly unfair fashion, and even if you may have theoretically broken them, you could use a ritual like this to win the case. One example I can think of right off the bat in the United States is laws regarding drug possession.

From a standpoint of basic fairness, it simply is ridiculous to put someone in prison for years just for having a small amount of illegal drugs on their person. Whether you support drug legalization or not, such a sentence is completely out of line with the seriousness of the crime, and thanks to our "war on drugs" those sentences are mandatory. So I expect that even if you did have illegal drugs on your person, you could use a spell like this to get the case dismissed and keep you from having to serve such an unfair sentence.

In cases where it's unclear, it can be useful to converse with spirit via scrying or some similar method. In my experience they tend to be pretty clear about what they can and can't do once they have the details of the situation.

Anonymous said...

I don't know the complete details behind story that has lead to the lawsuit a friend of mine is going to go through with their contractor. The contractor screwed them for alot of money and never finished the work for which he was payed. A small claims lawsuit was or will be started by my friend, but the contractor has issued a lawsuit himself, although i don't know on what grounds.

I'm hoping to find more details, but from your answer and what little details i have on the matter, I take it that the spell will definitely work in favour of my friend. So casting for a fair outcome seems just right.


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