Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Comment Moderation Enabled

If you've tried to leave a comment since yesterday, you will have noticed that I have finally enabled comment moderation. For the longest time I avoided it, because I don't like the idea of censoring opinions and so forth. Unfortunately, the spam posts have gotten so bad lately that I'm just getting sick of dealing with them.

For the longest time, I let people advertising spellcasters post here on the blog as long as they didn't post duplicate comments and limited their comments to appropriate threads, like the ones for love spells and money spells. I would manually delete anything that violated those rules, and that was that. Mostly, that system worked up until a few months ago. I would have to delete something every so often, but it was not onerous.

The latest generation of ad bots, or whatever it is that keeps posting these, now goes through the blog randomly, adding these "testimonials" to completely unrelated articles all over the place, making them all hard to track down. If you are not a bot, and are a person who has been doing this, congratulations - you have just ruined it for all your brethren. I will no longer be approving any of these ads, from anyone.

So I just want to assure my legitimate readers that this has nothing to do with anything you did. It's all about these spammers, who have stepped up their game to the point that I just don't want to bother spending the time it now takes to enforce what were previously the rules. The good news is you will no longer see ads filling up the Recent Posts list, and hopefully that will contribute to better discussion.

Thanks for your support, everyone, and I look forward to an Augoeides that will now be a spam-free zone.

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