Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Maybe He Is Psychic After All

Mike Lee, the Chicago man who predicted that the Chicago Cubs would win the 2016 World Series back in 1993, has finally issued a statement to the media. Apparently, the prediction was not a random joke, but rather came to him in a dream in 1983. So it's possible that this could be a genuine case of psychic perception that happened to be preserved in his 1993 high school yearbook.

But Lee, now a 41-year-old software engineer living in the Chicago suburbs, kept a low profile by design. “My attitude was, ‘You have to play the games,’” he told The Huffington Post. “I didn’t want to be a distraction. The players shouldn’t be asked about my prediction.”

Ah yes, the prediction. It may have been printed in the yearbook 23 years ago, but Lee said it actually came to him in a dream in 1983. “I saw the words, ‘Cubs World Champions 2016’ on the Wrigley Field sign and I heard Harry Caray calling home runs,” he said.

Lee may have predicted it, but he actually forgot about it until former classmate Marcos Meza reminded him, according to WGN TV. “When [Lee and I] connected on Facebook in 2009 I sent him the photo and told him we were nearing 2016. He posted the photo of his prediction on August 8th,” Meza told the station. “After my Dodgers lost it was time for me to make this go viral and BeLEEve in the Cubs for 2016.”

It's not clear if Lee has had any other psychic dreams besides this one, which tends to be the big problem with random psychic ability. It sometimes gives you information that's accurate, but not in a form that is particularly useful. It's possible Lee bet on the Cubs and made himself some money, but my guess is that he probably didn't.

One of the reasons we work magick in the first place is gain more control over these otherwise mostly random events. When you can induce a psychic vision, rather than just waiting around for them to happen, you will find many more opportunities to take advantage of them.

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