Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Get This Right!

Creation Museum and Ark Encounter founder Ken Ham recently took to Twitter to defend the notion that dinosaurs were in fact on board Noah's ark. This has turned out to be a dispute among creationists, some of whom believe that dinosaurs are no longer among us because they died out in the flood and some of whom believe that they were on the ark.

Ham, who believes the Earth is about 6,000 years old, fired off several additional tweets directed at the Post over the story.

Indeed, the Ark Encounter doesn’t claim all dinos died out during the flood. Rather, it features dinosaurs living in cages like the other animals. His organization has said most dinosaurs died in the flood, which it claims took place 4,300 years ago.

“Those descended from the ones which got off the Ark eventually succumbed to the same sorts of pressures which cause extinction in animal populations today,” a 2011 blogpost said.

Ham's devotion to getting his entirely-other-than-facts right is pretty amusing up until the point you realize how seriously he and his organization take their interpretation of Genesis. In the past, Ham has accused other prominent creationists of not being "real Christians" because they disagree with him on various trivial points of the creation story.

Of course, according to all available scientific evidence, none of them are correct. But apparently, that doesn't stop these folks from vehemently arguing over which version "real Christians" should believe in.

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