Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Mastering the Thirty Aires

This week I'm skipping my usual magick post, but I have a good reason. I'm focusing on putting the final touches on my manuscript for Mastering the Thirty Aires so I can hopefully get it off to Pendraig by the end of this week. That doesn't mean it will be out right away or anything like that - the editing and book production process generally takes months to get through. But it's a big step that I've been working on getting to for a long time now. It turn out out to be harder to write than the last two put together.

Mastering the Thirty Aires approaches the system of the Aires or Aethyrs from the original Dee perspective - as a system of political magick designed to influence the general affairs of the various portions of the world. It also touches on more modern practices like "rising on the planes" and so forth, but more from the perspective of giving you the information you need to do the work yourself rather than delving into detailed analysis that you can find in many other books. As with the first two installments in the series, it will include a detailed ritual template that you can use to construct your rituals without a bunch of guesswork. Also, it will touch on some of the basics of zodiacal magick in the context of the Enochian system of the Aires.

So I'm really looking forward to making this new book available, and completing my trilogy of Enochian books. I know that some of you have been waiting a long time for this to be released, and I hope that you will all find it worth the wait.

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Lazarone said...

Hi Scott,

Let's say that you (or someone else) want to conjure angels about some emotional issues, logically angels of medicine of the west are chosen and the element of water, now for this practical example:

1. Do you conjure only angels of the west in the west (from east position) or you conjure angels of all four directions (west, north, east and south)?

2. Or do you call angels of the west from all four directions (west, north, east and south)? Let me remind you that Aaron Leitch method is doing so in his Enochian Grimoire book.

3. Do you then using talismans accordingly to these previous conjurations, that is, the only one talisman toward the west, or all four talismans for medicine angels, or talisman of the west for all four directions?


Lazarone said...

I hope I was clear :), please ask me to explain again if needed.

Scott Stenwick said...

To determine the angels of medicine for Water, you start at the horizontal bar of the sub-quadrant cross and read the four names vertically. They follow the EHNB elemental order as per the diaries (Air, then Water, then Earth, then Fire).

So the Water angel of medicine for each quadrant will the the second name down from the angels of medicine sub-quadrant. You will then have four angel names, and you will conjure each to the corresponding direction by the appropriate controlling name. So you'll still be doing four conjurations, one to each direction, but instead of calling all four angels of medicine from that direction you call just the Water one.

I use one talisman that has all the angels of medicine on it for each direction. I would use those same talismans, but I would only name the Water angel in each conjuration, not the other three.

And if Aaron is saying you call the "angels of the west from all four directions" that sentence doesn't even make sense in the context of Dee's system. The water angels of medicine are the water angels of medicine, and one of them corresponds to each of the four directions. There's nothing "west" or directional at all associated with them simply being angels of medicine.

Lazarone said...

Thank You so much!!!

Also, maybe I didn't understand Aarons instructions correctly and he is talking similar to your method. Thanks!!!

In your "The Revised Opening by Watchtower Ritual" you say that VOVIN (Dragon) is alluding to "demonic forces", now, how you reconcile that with some systems where VOVIN is "very positive force"?

Also, how you relate with word BABALON, it seems that it is "negative entity" in original Dee's system, yet she became "positive" in some other teachings?

What about Choronzon then?

Please your opinion and thanks once again for fine answer!


Lazarone said...

About conjuring, if I am right. For conjuring of Kings or Seniors one will use just one particular direction, Forex. If it is needed to conjure King (or Seniors) of East then work is done in just that direction with one corresponding talisman. Am I right in this?

Scott Stenwick said...

As a point, the revised opening by watchtower is a ritual that I experimented with for a bit and abandoned. It doesn't add much to the AOEVEAE/MADRIAX combination as far as I can tell. As far as VOVIN goes, the word means "the dragon" and it is a clear allusion to some sort of devil or demon or something like that in the diaries. I supposed somebody might decide it was positive because "dragons are cool" or something. It definitely would contradict the diary material.

As far as Babalon goes - the name actually doesn't occur in Dee's system. The word "babalond" which means "a harlot" does, but it is a word from the Aethyr key, not a proper name. Conflating the two is a common mistake. Crowley encountered Babalon as she is understood in Thelema during his own Enochian work, and some magicians (myself included) think that she may have been the speaker of the "Daughter of Fortitude" speech that is from the diaries - but she is not actually named there either. The "Daughter of Fortitude" doesn't exactly come off as negative or evil either, especially when read from a modern perspective.

Beyond that - in Thelema, I don't think it's accurate to speak of Babalon as positive or negative. She transcends both.

Choronzon or Coronzon ("that mighty devil") in the diaries is the embodiment of dispersion, confusion, and ignorance in Thelema. Think of it as in line with the Hermetic idea that "evil" is really ignorance and confusion. The only people I see taking a positive view of Choronzon out there are dark fluffers who - guess what - are pretty ignorant about magick.

If you are conjuring one King, or the Seniors of one direction, you are correct that you only need to face that direction to conjure them.

Lazarone said...

Thank you, Scott. Amazing answers!!!

Now, please, in return for answers, let me recommend you one book: Exploring Enochian Worlds of Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley" by Robin E. Cousins (Thoth Publications, 2020), it is a collection of "practical pathworkings" similar to Crowleys in The Vision and The Voice (though kinda shorter). The author is using the first Great Table of Earth and teachings are more in line with the original from Dr.Dee, but there is also nice material (and pics) about Crowleys work in the Bou Sadda desert.

So if you're in chance to get it, I recommend.

Regards and best wishes.

Scott Stenwick said...

I will check it out, though I suspect if it is using a "Great Table of Earth" (which is not a thing in the diaries) the approach is probably Golden Dawn based.

Cousins did a breakdown of the Parts of the Earth and where they are located that has been published in Robert Turner's Elizabethan Magick and Lon DuQuette's Enochian Vision Magick, and so far it's the only such breakdown out there. Mine will be included in Mastering the Thirty Aires, and while it agrees with Cousins on many points, there are also some significant differences in my layout.

Lazarone said...

As I can see he is using a "Great Table of Earth" which is received on 20 June 1584. The whole point of the book that he is using a system more compatible with how Dee and Kelley received it. Thanks for soon upcoming of your book.