Sunday, April 1, 2018

He is Risen!

You know, whoever he is. In a story that is just perfect for an Easter Sunday that also falls on April Fools' Day, a church in England ordered banners that were supposed to read "Christ is Risen" for Easter Sunday. The printers accidentally omitted the "T" from "Christ." So the proof banner instead read "Chris is Risen." Fortunately the error was caught in the proofing stage, so the church didn't wind up with a big crowd of people gathered this morning to worship Chris. But it was a close one.

A church was presented with signs reading "Chris is risen" after a mix up at the printers. Acomb Parish Church, in York, had ordered four banners saying 'Christ is Risen' but the 'T' was missed off the finished article. However, assistant Curate Ned Lunn said the error was discovered before the signs were delivered. A BBC Radio York Facebook post has been shared more than 3,000 times, prompting one person to reply 'More T vicar?'

Mr Lunn said: "I'm so glad the customer spotted the mistake. It'll save a bit of embarrassment and a lot of confusion. I had to check the four banners when I distributed them though, just to make sure. The pastor at the Baptist Church is actually called Chris and he's got to get up for a sunrise service at 6.30am on Easter Sunday. His predecessor didn't manage to get up for the service last year."

From an April Fool's Day perspective that's too bad, because people showing up at the church to worship Chris would have been just perfect. And if Pastor Chris had failed to wake up on time to meet them, that would have been even funnier. It sounds like everything worked out fine for the church this morning, but maybe Pope Francis had it right. It's April Fool's Day, so let's just not worry about it and have a low-key Easter this year.

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate, and Happy April Fools' Day to boot!

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